Feds Look to Funnel Millions To NGOs For Illegal Aliens' Lawyers & Therapy Services

Brittany M. Hughes | August 29, 2023
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President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is looking to outsource monitoring and support of illegal aliens who are released into the United States - including potentially funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to non-governmental organizations to provide undocumented people with legal services.

Nutshelled? You might soon be on the hook to pay for illegal aliens’ lawyers, on top of paying to house, feed, clothe, and educate them.

According to an active request on SAM.gov, the federal government’s official contracting website, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of Detention Compliance and Removals is looking for outside organizations that can assist with monitoring illegal aliens after they’ve been set free into the country to await their immigration hearings, including groups that can provide “devices that can track appropriate participant activities and movements via geolocation, offer identity verification, and offer one- or two- way communications capabilities to assist ICE with ensuring compliance with release requirements and court orders.”

Oh, but that’s not all. Contractors should also be able to provide migrants with “referrals or direct services, covering at a minimum: legal assistance; psychosocial services; therapeutic services; medical services; food and clothing banks; housing; public transportation information; parental information; education information; and repatriation and reintegration services,” per the online request.

Which begs the question - why the heck should American taxpayers, many of whom are already struggling to buy groceries and fill up their gas tanks, be on the hook for illegal aliens’ legal bills, “psychosocial services,” and therapy sessions?

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Furthermore, it’s highly likely that any group that wins the Biden Administration’s contract will be a pro-illegal immigration activist organization, further removing ICE from enforcing America’s immigration laws and shifting that burden onto NGOs that have no intention of giving illegal aliens the boot.

“It actually guts the current ATD model and puts more services into NGO hands. The services for medical, therapy and housing will only enrich contracts while nearly eliminating custodial detention,” former ICE Field Office Director John Fabbricatore told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan said outsourcing the monitoring of migrants and paying them to materially support illegal aliens “put[s] the mission and enforcement of the law last while rewarding NGOs with millions of dollars in federal contracts who do not support the ICE mission.”

More than 7 million illegal aliens have crossed into the United States under the Biden Administration, including both those apprehended at the border and known “got-aways” who entered uncaught. Following the end of the Trump-era Title 42 back in May, the administration launched a new mobile app that enables migrants waiting in Mexico to virtually “check-in” for processing before coming across the border. That program allows for up to 40,000 migrants to cross into the country per month.

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