Fifteen Minutes of Fame Later, Christine Blasey Ford's Writing a Book

Brittany M. Hughes | September 14, 2023
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Christine Blasey Ford’s writing a book - you know, now that she’s had five years to figure out all the details she couldn’t quite recall before.

The woman who famously accused then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh of trying to sexually assault her back in high school in the ‘80s is set to release a memoire detailing the lead-up to her public allegations and how hard it’s been recovering from “overwhelming aftermath." “One Way Back” is scheduled for publication by St. Martin’s Press next March, and promises "riveting new details about the lead up" to Ford's brief stint in the limelight and her alleged bouts with death threats ever since.

Of course, it’ll be interesting to see if Ford can fill in the blanks left in her original testimony, including the multiple changes in her story and the fact that even her own long-time friend, Leland Keyser, who Ford said was in the house during the assault, denied any knowledge of the incident and later said Ford had tried to blackmail her into supporting the Kavanaugh allegations. It also remains to be seen whether Ford's been able to remember the exact date and location of the supposed attack, two key details she couldn't seem to recollect during her testimony.

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Unsurprisingly, Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh garnered national attention, causing a temporary hiccup in his confirmation hearings and raising serious questions as to whether or not he’d have enough senators’ support to survive the process. Ultimately, the lack of evidence supporting Ford’s story, along with her serious credibility issues, was enough to get Kavanaugh 51 Senate votes and land him a spot on the bench.

“I never thought of myself as a survivor, a whistleblower, or an activist before the events in 2018,” Ford said in a statement issued Wednesday through St. Martin’s. “But now, what I and this book can offer is a call to all the other people who might not have chosen those roles for themselves, but who choose to do what’s right. Sometimes you don’t speak out because you are a natural disrupter. You do it to cause a ripple that might one day become a wave.”

Except Ford's wave never became more than a splash in a puddle.

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