Freshman Shot Dead By Career Criminal Released Earlier This Year For 'Incompetence to Stand Trial'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 10, 2023
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Anyone else getting tired of “mental health” being a shield to protect bullies, violent criminals, and the dangerously insane? Because this is exactly what that - coupled with leftists’ absolute refusal to hold criminals accountably for their crimes - leads to.

A Nashville college student is dead after being shot in the head by a man who was recently released after being arrested for shooting at someone else.

Belmont University student Jillian Ludwig, an 18-year-old woman from New Jersey, was shot while walking in Edgehill Community Memorial Gardens Park near campus at around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. Police say the bullet was fired by 29-year-old Shaquille Taylor, who witnesses day was shooting at a car from a public housing unit across the street from the park. It was about an hour before Ludwig was found lying on the ground by a passerby and transported to a nearby hospital, where she spent hours in critical condition before finally passing away.

Ludwig, a freshman who’d planned to major in music business, leaves behind a shocked family who says they’re “beyond devastated” by her death.

“Jillian was a creative, compassionate, fearless young woman. She was thriving in her freshman year of college and on the cusp of so many successes. She was senselessly robbed of those opportunities and we will miss her dearly every day forever,” her family said.

As horrific as Ludwig’s senseless death is, it’s made even more awful by the fact that Taylor had already been arrested back in 2021 for a different shooting when police said he fired at at a woman while she was driving with her two children, hitting the vehicle multiple times.

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Despite almost killing that lady and her kids, Taylor was released earlier this year and the charges against him were dismissed after court-appointed doctors said Taylor was incompetent to stand trial thanks to illness-related brain damage he suffered as a child, which federal and state laws say makes him ineligible to be prosecuted. The law also sets high standards for involuntarily committing people like Taylor, requiring two doctors to sign off on the fact that the person is dangerously insane and acknowledging that there are no less “restrictive” methods of keeping the person from hurting themselves or others.

Four months after he was released, Taylor was again arrested for his involvement in a carjacking, which he denied even after being caught driving the vehicle. Again, he was let go - because apparently, being mentally ill means you have a free pass to assault people, steal their cars, and try to kill random strangers whenever you want, and no one can do a thing.

After his arrest in connection with Ludwig's death, Taylor has been charged with aggravated assault and evidence tampering and is being held on a $280,000 bond as prosecutors discuss amending the charges. Not that it'll matter this time around, either.

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