Greta Thunberg Posts Pro-Palestine Message With Nazi-Era AntiSemitic Images

Brittany M. Hughes | October 20, 2023
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When she’s not faking her own arrests outside coal mines and oil refineries, Greta Thunberg spends her days making antiSemitic tropes on Twitter and expecting no one to notice.

Because Lord knows doing something productive rather than obnoxiously pandering for attention would be just too much.

On Wednesday, the 20-year-old climate activist posted - and then quickly deleted - a photo of herself and three friends all holding pro-Palestine signs sporting various anti-Israel messages. Thunberg herself held up the message, “Stand With Gaza.” But it’s what was spotted just over her shoulder that caught the Internet’s attention.


Sitting on the knee of the person behind her, and far too seemingly random to be anything other than deliberately placed, is a small, gray octopus.

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For those who may not be up-to-date on their anti-Semitic propaganda, the octopus is a commonly used symbol illustrating the belief that Jews have their “tentacles” around - and controlling - just about every facet of society. While it’s been used throughout the years including recently, the symbol dates back to the early 1900s and was used by Nazi-era Germany to symbolize the supposed threat posed by Jews to the world. The AntiSemitism Policy Trust explains, along with an example:


Thunberg quickly deleted the post and replaced it with one that cuts out the octopus from atop her friend's knee, claiming in the caption that she was "unaware" that an octopus could be seen as a sign of antiSemitism.

"It has come to my knowledge that the stuffed animal shown in my earlier post can be interpreted by some as a symbol for antisemitism, which I was completely unaware of. The toy in the picture is a tool often used by autistic people as a way to communicate feelings," she said. "We are of course against every type of discrimination, and condemn antisemitism in all forms and shapes. This is non-negotiable. That is why I deleted the last post."

Though why an autistic person would need to include a stuffed animal to "communicate feelings" in a propaganda picture is a bit beyond me.

Then again, perhaps we should give Thunberg the benefit of the doubt and assume she doesn't know much about anti-Jewish caricatures - or, frankly, anything else. After all, one would have had to spend time in school learning history to know such things.

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