Hospital Mix-Up Ends With the Wrong Woman Getting an Abortion

Brittany M. Hughes | April 2, 2024
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A hospital mix-up ended in tragedy when the wrong woman was given an abortion she didn’t want.

According to reports, the horrific screw-up occurred on March 25 at the Bulovka Hospital in Prague, where a healthy four-months-pregnant woman went in for what she expected would be a routine exam. Instead, she was sedated and underwent a surgical abortion, waking up to find her baby had been ripped from her womb without her consent.

“An adverse event occurred at our Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic,” hospital spokeswoman Eva Stolejda Libigerová told CNN Prima. “According to the findings so far, as a result of serious violations and non-compliance with internal regulations by the employees concerned, an operation was started on an incorrectly identified patient.”

The hospital said it appears the woman was mistaken for another patient at the hospital, who had come in expecting an abortion. 

The hospital, which is a well-known teaching hospital, has said that “specific individuals will be held personally liable,” adding, “We expressed our deep regret and apology to the patient and her entire family for this unfortunate event and assured her that we will do everything to mitigate the damage as much as possible and also compensate her.”

I’m pretty sure butchering the woman’s baby and performing a surgical procedure she never wanted or agreed to counts as a little more than an “unfortunate event.”

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While it’s absolutely horrific that this poor woman was subjected to an abortion she didn’t consent to and is now mourning the loss of her very much wanted child, it’s worth noting that an abortion, even when performed to abort a child at the request of the mother, is every bit as awful and tragic as one performed on the wrong person by accident or negligence. So a child is only a child when he or she is wanted? And their murder is only awful when it isn’t requested?

Or, perhaps, this simple fact is as obvious as it appears: abortion is vile. Whether chemically or surgically, these procedures intentionally snuff out the life of a living human being, in the most barbaric and violent ways imaginable. 

And the fact that this poor woman is now left to grieve the loss of a child whose existence and value has been publicly recognized because they were wanted only emphasizes the fundamental truth that society so often ignores. 

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