HYSTERICAL: Vanderbilt Protesters Called 911 Because One Needed To Change Her Tampon

Brittany M. Hughes | March 28, 2024
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If you were looking for something to give you hope for the future generation of American adults...well, this isn’t it.

Here's the backstory: a bunch of students were suspended and a few arrested after holding a sit-in protest at the dean’s office at Vanderbilt University Tuesday after the school pulled an amendment to the Vanderbilt Student Government Constitution that would have banned student government funds from going to certain pro-Israel businesses. In response to the measure getting yanked, 30 or so students stormed Vanderbilt Chancellor Daniel Diermeier’s office, plopped down on the floor, and refused to leave. Some even assaulted a Community Service Officer while forcing their way into the building before shoving a few well-intentioned staff members who offered to meet with them.

But it’s what happened during the protest that was truly hilarious. At one point, a student actually called 911 and demanded emergency assistance because - and you just cannot make this stuff up - she said a fellow female protester was afraid she would be arrested if she left the sit-in to change her tampon.

“There is currently a female student who is being denied the right to change her tampon that has been in for multiple hours which leads to an increased risk of toxic shock syndrome,” the unnamed girl told the bewildered 911 dispatcher.

The emergency line operator, clearly baffled by the call, tried to explain to the idiot that the situation didn’t constitute an emergency.

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Of course, the fact that the woman was free to leave at any point to use the restroom was apparently lost on this group of morons, who were clearly more worried about having to face the consequences of their own actions than about experiencing a medical problem. (Side note: toxic shock syndrome, while life-threatening in some cases, is actually a very rare bacterial infection that affects only about 1 in every 100,000 people. So there’s that.)

A few of the protesters - presumably the same ones who called 911, though it’s not clear - then approached a group of police officers to demand they let the young lady take care of her female situation without arresting her.

“We will take care but we’re going to escort them out,” the cop told one hysterical, sobbing girl, somehow managing to keep a straight face the whole time. The group then began screaming that the school would not promise to let the girl go back to her dorm without facing arrest.

Outside the building, another student posted a video claiming that "Vanderbilt has trapped its own students inside of a building with no food, water, access to medical attention that they need, or even a bathroom."

I weep for the state of our universities, and the country that’s currently having to endure this level of absolute stupidity. May God help us all.

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