Illegal Alien Charged - and Released - After Shoving Border Agent Into Razor Wire

Brittany M. Hughes | October 16, 2023
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In other news, a border agent in Texas was injured last week after he was attacked by two illegal aliens and shoved into some razor wire. 

You know, in case anyone has forgotten about the absolute cluster that is our “border” with Mexico.

According to this, two Venezuelan border jumpers - a 33-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman - assaulted the border agent last Wednesday as he was standing next to a fencing of razor wire. In a report, the Texas Department of Public Safety said the migrant woman grabbed the agent by the neck while the man grabbed his leg, tripping him into the wire.

Both migrants were charged with assault - not that it mattered much. The woman was charged “at large” (meaning she was let go) because she had children with her at the time. The man was given a $3,500 bond.

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The assault comes amid historic illegal alien apprehensions fueled by Biden’s open-border policies, even as the administration scrambles to build border fencing to stop the bleeding in the face of polls that show even Democrat voters aren’t happy about the droves of illegals pouring into the country. Border agents reported a shocking 210,000 illegal alien apprehensions at the Southwest U.S. border in September, up by roughly 30,000 from the 181,000 they caught in August.

September’s stunning report brings the total number of illegals caught in FY2023 - which ended Sept. 30 - to more than 2.4 million, setting a new annual record and marking only the second time in recorded history that illegal alien apprehensions have topped 2 million in a given fiscal year. Just under 2.4 million were caught in FY2022, setting a record high and blowing away apprehension totals under the previous Trump administration.

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