Illegal Aliens Attack NYPD Cops In Crime-Ridden Migrant Shelter

Brittany M. Hughes | February 22, 2024
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Ah, New York City. How inclusive. How diverse. How…violent.

A few of NYPD’s finest were attacked by a mob of illegal aliens while responding to reports of a disturbance at the Randalls Island Migrant Shelter. At around 11 a.m. Thursday, police showed up to investigate a man being belligerent with security, who had asked him to leave. Police then told the man to beat feet - which, of course, he had no intention of doing.

Chaos kicked off, with multiple migrants jumping into the fray and attacking the cops while they tried to subdue a man in a white shirt. Some threw bottles and bags at the officers as they struggled to contain the problem, while some filmed the incident on their smartphones that they can somehow afford and are connected to cell service.

Only one arrest was made, and police declined to move forward with the case. Because if you’re not going to prosecute someone for strolling into the country illegally and sucking off the welfare teat, why start with assault?

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Or murder, apparently. A 24-year-old migrant man was stabbed to death at this same tent shelter just last month, where illegal alien residents report constant fighting and theft.

And here we’ve been told we’re importing good people just trying to escape violence in their home countries.

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