Insufferable 'Snow White' Actress Says She Faced 'Backlash' For Being 'Outspoken'

Brittany M. Hughes | October 27, 2023
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Remember that obnoxious girl Disney’s tapped to play the new Snow White? The horrible one who called the original 1937 a chauvinistic pile of garbage (I’m paraphrasing here) and said the prince in the OG movie was a stalker?

Turns out, she hasn’t learned a thing - except how to be even more self-involved.

Rachel Zegler largely disappeared from the public spotlight a couple months ago after catching flak for going on a media tour telling entertainment reporters that the new “Snow White” remake will be far more about girl power and not about romance, adding that the princess is “not going to be saved by the prince” and throwing shade on the original beloved classic. The backlash over the insufferable actress’ comments - and Zegler’s subsequent hiatus from interviews about the film - even sparked rumors that Disney had booted her from the film.

Alas, we were not so lucky.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, Zegler said the whole ordeal has taught her not how to be humble or listen to fans who don’t want irritating teeny boppers crapping all over their childhood films, but rather how to be “fearless and loud in order to be heard.”

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"To young Latino performers coming up in the industry, I would tell them to know their worth, and to make sure they’re loud about having seats at the tables they deserve to be at,” Zegler said. "I have learned the hard way that we have to be fearless and loud in order to be heard, and to prepare for the backlash that occasionally comes with that outspokenness.”

A rep for Zegler told Fox News Digital Zegler was simply giving "her thoughts on the industry in general," and that "Snow White was not mentioned in her quotes.”

Of course, if you told me that’s thanks to a gag order from Disney, I wouldn’t be shocked.

Unfortunately for the beleaguered film company, Zegler - shockingly - isn't the only dumpster fire on set of the new "Snow White" installment. On top of Disney having cast a Latina actress to portray a princess whose description in the original fairy tale includes "skin as white as snow," photos from filming show the remake will feature seven "magical creatures" of various heights, races, and genders rather than the iconic dwarves.

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