Leftist Outrage Over Jimmy Fallon Proves You Can Never Satisfy the Woke Mob

Brittany M. Hughes | November 27, 2023
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With the rate at which the left eats their own, it’s a wonder they had any room left over for Thanksgiving turkey.

Then again, Thanksgiving is an evil tradition celebrating white colonialism - or something. So perhaps they skipped the stuffing altogether this year, and simply decided to devour Jimmy Fallon instead.

The comedian and late night host stopped on more than a few toes this past weekend when he committed the unforgivable crime of using a supposedly “gendered” term to refer to a transgender person. Which, to rabid leftists, is tantamount to taking a hammer to a person’s kneecaps.

This shameful faux pas occurred on Saturday, November 18, when Fallon, who spearheads The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, played host to 23-year-old Hunter Schafer, a biological male who believes himself to be a female, and who appears in a female capacity on the new Hunger Games installment, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. During the interview, Schafer told Fallon he’d been a longtime fan of The Hunger Games, calling it his favorite book in middle school and explaining he’d even dressed up as Hunger Games characters as a child.

To which an excited Fallon returned, “This is really cool! Now you’re in Hunger Games! Congratulations, bud!”

Despite Fallon’s obvious public support of Schafer’s both living as a “woman” and his portrayal of a woman in the film, calling him “bud” was all it took to spark a wave of left-wing backlash from people incensed that he’d use a typically male-directed word when speaking to a…well, male.

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“‘Bud’ is NOT gender neutral. I have never heard anybody refer to a grown ass woman as ‘bud’ before. I hate Jimmy Fallon so much,” one user posted.

"jimmy fallon calling hunter schafer “bud” i am going to [redacted]," another wrote, while one person added, "Men like Jimmy Fallon should not be referring to elegant beings like Taylor Swift & Hunter Schafer as 'bud.'"

The leftist LGBTQ outlet PinkNews picked up the criticism and ran with it, blasting Fallon for using a “gendered” three-letter slang term - despite admitting Fallon “has used the term ‘bud’ for countless guests including cis women such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande."

Even still, “most agree that the TV personality should have been more careful with his language on this occasion,” PinkNews writes.

Because, as we all know, LGBTQ warriors are paper tigers, with skin as thin as air and egos more fragile than your grandma’s china. Best to simply avoid them altogether.

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