Making Waves: Entire College Women's Swim Team Takes a Stand Against 'Trans' Teammate

Brittany M. Hughes | October 6, 2023
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In the wake of biological males taking the world of women’s sports by storm, one team of female athletes is taking a stand and pushing back.

According to this, the women’s swim team at Roanoke College - all ten female members - stood up in unity against a biological male being allowed to join their swim team, saying the school’s cowardice has left them feeling unheard, uncared about, and cast aside in the name of “inclusion.”

They’re not wrong.

All 10 women spoke out during an event held at a Roanoke hotel in front of their families and members of the community, marking the first time an entire team of women has pushed back on the trans “inclusion” of a male teammate, per Fox News.

"My feelings, our team’s feelings and comfort were blatantly ignored and only one athlete was prioritized," 19-year-old co-captain Kate Pearson said.

"I felt unheard and unseen,” added 20-year-old senior captain Bailey Gallagher. “Our comfort was undervalued and discarded. Numerous times we asked the school for support. Each and every time we were told to deal with it ourselves or told nothing at all. The school refused to give out information to our parents and we were informed that even if our entire swim team decided to stand together and not swim, in the name of the unfairness that was happening, our coach would have a one-athlete swim team - a one person swim team.

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The ladies were joined by prominent women’s rights supporters like Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swim champion who was famously forced to compete against Lia Thomas, a biological male masquerading as a woman, back in 2022.

And hers is far from the only tragic story of women losing out on trophies, medals, scholarships, and accolades thanks to biological men being allowed to unfairly compete in women’s athletic divisions. A transgender high school sophomore in Maine is causing a stir after catapulting to the top of the state rankings in girls’ cross country last week, just a year after competing on the boy’s team saw him eating everyone else’s track dust.

Soren Stark-Chessa, a biological male who was was ranked 172nd in the district as a freshman in the boy's competition just last year, is now fourth in the district after deciding to “identify” as a girl and switching to compete on the female team, finishing in fifth place last month at the Festival of Champions in Belfast. Back in August, Anne Andres, a biological male who was allowed to compete in the women’s division of a powerlifting championship easily trounced his female competitors, lifting 463 lbs more than the second-place runner-up. These, along with a slew of other instances in which men have unfairly competed against and easily beaten women athletes, have given rise to women - including athletes, their families, fans, and concerned citizens - pushing back against the clear ridiculousness of letting men compete on women's sports teams while ignoring biological reality.

Let's just hope that as their voices get louder, science-denying leftists are finally forced to listen.

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