Migrants Assault Cops While Biden Lies About His Border Bungle

Brittany M. Hughes | February 2, 2024
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President Joe Biden now says he'd "shut down the border" with Mexico if Congress would simply give him the "power" - and the money. Funny, because when Trump said the same thing and asked Congress for additional funding for border security, the left accused him of being a xenophobic Nazi. Now, the White House is changing its tune to fit Biden's new border narrative - despite having told Americans for three years straight that "the border is secure" and "not open to illegal immigration."

Meanwhile, Boston is closing a community center to neighborhood children and the elderly to make room for illegal alien families, while Denver immigration advocates are asking the city to close its doors to new migrants as the nearly 40,000 new arrivals have already overwhelmed the system. And in New York City, migrants are being arrested for beating up cops - only to be released without bail by a Manhattan judge.

We break down all that and more on this episode of The Brittany Hughes Show, available here or whoever you get your podcasts!