Pass the Eye Bleach: Burbank Mayor Gets Spanked By a Drag Queen at Dem Fundraiser

Brittany M. Hughes | September 11, 2023
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The mayor of Burbank, California is catching flak on social media after video went viral showing him bent over a table being spanked by a drag queen for money.

Side note: when I first went into the field of journalism, never once did I expect to write a sentence like that.

Konstantine Anthony - real name - can be seen in the clip bracing himself on a table while a drag queen in a tight dress and prosthetic breasts whips him on the butt to the tune of the Village People’s “YMCA.” The….er…beating…reportedly took place at a fundraiser for a Democratic senate candidate in California, shocking exactly no one.

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The Twitter account LibsOfTikTok posted an ad for the event (entitled “Roxy’s Got Balls BINGO”) describing it as “open for ages 15+,” but which added it was “not suitable for children.” For his part, Anthony insisted that no children were present for this little BDSM display.

After getting called out for the half-obscene, half-absurd clip, Anthony, who has since changed his Twitter moniker to “Mayor Spanky,” fired back at Instagram critics with the taunt, “Jealous?”

Of getting spanked by a waxed dude with fake boobs in stripper heels? Hardly. “Nauseated” might be a better word - at both this clip, and at the fact that there are elected officials in this country - an entire political party, in fact - that thinks this type of debauchery is worth celebrating.

Our country is spiraling the drain.

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