PEAK STUPID: Teens Arrested For Leaving Scooter Marks on Spokane 'Pride' Mural

Brittany M. Hughes | June 11, 2024
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While vandals outside the White House are busy defacing historic statues and climate nuts throw mashed potatoes on priceless paintings, leftists are outraged that some people are leave …*checks notes*…tire marks on “Pride” murals painted on the street.

Which, according to libs, is more egregious than breaking out the Constitution and doodling in the margins.

Three teens in Spokane, Washington, have been arrested for leaving skid marks on a giant rainbow mural painted on a crosswalk. Hilariously, the kids weren’t even doing illegal burnouts in cars to make the lines - they used scooters.


Which, frankly, are horrible things that should be banned for being obnoxious, impeding traffic, and being an overall hazard. But not because they might leave rubber tracks on a spangly banner painted in honor of gay gender-benders. And yet.

PJ Media reports:

On June 5, Spokane, Washington, police arrested three teens for leaving skid marks on a Pride/Progress flag painted on a crosswalk. Nineteen-year-old Ruslan V.V. Turko was booked into the Spokane Country jail and two minors were sent to juvenile detention on the charge of 1st degree malicious mischief. Police responded to a 911 call, no less, on reports that the group, which originally consisted of four people, was damaging the mural and yelling obscenities at nearby people. After talking with witnesses and reviewing the video, police had three of the vandals in custody within about 34 minutes.

Under recently signed Washington State law, it’s a felony to deface a public pride symbol, a crime that carries up to a $10,000 fine and five years in prison. (If you’re thinking ‘Wait, isn’t this the same state that lets BLM thugs and Antifa burn down police precincts and loot small businesses and set up illegal occupied zones downtown?’ Yep, that’s the one.)

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To make an example of these clearly dangerous criminals, Spokane prosecutors are asking for a $15,000 bond, saying that's how much it'll cost to repaint this stupid mural. A $15,000 bond for some punk kids who did scooter donuts on a crosswalk. 

By the way, here's footage of the Crime of the Century, in case you wanted to see the dangerous and terrifying threat now stalking the streets of Spokane:

Almost makes you wonder if these jackholes don’t paint murals on the freaking asphalt just hoping and praying to their goat demons that someone will come along and hit their gas pedal just a bit too hard, or that a couple of teens will show up popping wheelies and get thrown in the pokey for all their "hate." The demand for conformity is the point here, not the “defacement” - otherwise, leftists would care just as much about historic monuments, buildings, and artwork being vandalized and destroyed by “progressive” criminals.

Let us know when your protesters stop calling for the death of the Jews in the streets. Then come whine to me about some tire marks on a rainbow sidewalk.

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