Protesters Fly Hamas Flag Through Pro-Palestine Rally In Minneapolis

Brittany M. Hughes | October 23, 2023
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If Palestinians wanted people to believe that they’re not the same as Hamas, they sure aren’t going to much trouble to differentiate themselves. In fact, quite the opposite.

Video from a pro-Palestine rally in Ilhan Omar’s home base of Minneapolis this weekend shows protesters (who I simply call terrorist sympathizers) blatantly flying a Hamas flag atop a four-wheeler through their rally to the cheers of onlookers, in brazen support of the terrorists who murdered some 1,200 Israelis, including innocent women, children, and senior citizens, on October 7.

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Disturbing footage from the same rally posted by journalist Andy Ngo shows swarms of protesters ripping open the door of a vehicle trying to make its way through a blocked intersection before assaulting the driver.

Even as it spilled into public streets and blocked traffic, the protest was protected by tax-funded Minneapolis police, who tried to direct traffic elsewhere to protect rally-goers from being hit by vehicles. Police now say they're looking into the man who drove his car into the mob - because, naturally, it's the fault of a vehicle driver for being in a vehicular intersection after scores of terrorism-lovers decided to occupy it.

In the weeks following Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israeli civilians, pro-Palestine rallies have popped up in cities across the United States and the globe, with protesters openly calling for the annihilation of Israel and the genocide of the Jews to “liberate” Palestine.

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