Protesters Who Called For Abolishing the Police Complain Cops Didn't Protect Them Enough

Brittany M. Hughes | May 2, 2024

A group of pro-Palestine protesters at UCLA took to the microphone Wednesday to complain that the police, who they’ve called to be abolished on the basis of “equity,” did’t do enough to protect them from “life threatening assault” from fed-up students who actively fought to take back their campus from the squatters who’d set up an illegal encampment on school grounds.

Hilariously, during a “press conference” the day after the Tuesday night kerfuffle, protesters released a “statement” calling the melee a “life threatening assault” and an “act of terror” - ironic, coming from Hamas apologists.

“Law enforcement simply stood at the edge of the lawn and refused to budge as we screamed for their help,” one protester claimed.

These would be the same law enforcement, mind you, that this very group of protesters has called for dismantling among their "demands" listed in their own mission statement.


It took Los Angeles police and the California Highway Patrol about three hours to get control of the situation Tuesday night, according to Yahoo News. The alleged delay prompted a statement from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office slamming not the protesters who’re trespassing and vandalizing a state-funded school, but the cops who didn’t respond quick enough to “protect” the criminals calling for the abolishment of the police.

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"The limited and delayed campus law enforcement response at UCLA last night was unacceptable — and it demands answers," a spokesperson for Newsom said in a statement Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, police in riot gear finally broke through the barricade the protesters had set up around their illegal camp and started getting control of the campus.

You want a police presence? You got one.

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