Rep. Jasmine Crockett Says Biden Was 'Over-Prepared' For His Disastrous Debate

Brittany M. Hughes | July 8, 2024
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No one’s ever accused Jasmine Crockett of being the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

This would be the same Democrat congresswoman from Texas, you may recall, who likes to channel her inner gangtsa during congressional hearings, looking more like she’s about to throw down as a Real Housewife of Capitol Hill than a professional, elected official there to do the work of the people.

So when she says stupid things, no one’s all that shocked - but it is still pretty amusing. Particularly when she suggested over the weekend that President Joe Biden was “over prepared” - overprepared - for his debate with former President Donald Trump, which is apparently why he did so poorly.

“I also was disturbed and felt that the president had been over prepared, and they had been running him ragged,” Crockett told a local Texas news outlet.

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While the White House has continually blamed everything from two-week-old jet lag to the common cold for Biden's cognitive implosion more than a week ago, Crockett said she thinks the problem is that Biden came armed with too much information.

“Sometimes you have to tell you team, ‘No, stop.’ I could tell that the president was constantly reaching for answers. He knows the answers to all these questions,” she went on, making one wonder, if Biden knew the answers, why couldn’t he just…say them?

But yes. That must be it. The 82-year-old Biden is just so smart, so stuffed full of answers, so brimming with information, that it exploded his brain space, and the sheer awesomeness of his KnowHow clogged up his airway and tripped up his tongue. In fact, if anyone’s to blame, it’s the people who prepped him for the debate, by making sure he went in armed with facts and figures.

And his total faceplant was not at all because he’s an ailing octogenarian in clear mental decline.

With reasoning like that, I wonder what Crockett’s excuse for her own idiocy might be.

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