Rep. Steve Cohen Blasts Super Bowl Audience For Sitting During 'Negro National Anthem'

Brittany M. Hughes | February 12, 2024
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Rep. Steve Cohen is big mad.

Not because Kansas City won the Super Bowl - though, let’s be honest, we’re all a little peeved over that one. Not because CBS kept cutting to T-Swizzle’s mug every time Travis Kelce came within two feet of the football, or because at one point the dude checked his own 65-year-old coach in a hissy fit.

No - Cohen here has his panties in a twist because virtually nobody bothered to stand during Andra Day's rendition of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" - or, as he put it, the “Negro National Anthem.”

“Very very few stood at Super Bowl for “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The Negro National Anthem,” the Tennessee Democrat congressman tweeted, adding, “Not a pretty picture of Super Bowl crowd.”

This from the ideologically inconsistent side of the aisle, mind you, that has absolutely no qualms about athletes sitting, kneeling, or otherwise snoozing their way through the actual National Anthem. Just don’t do it during a divisive song performed solely to breed “otherness” between the races.

And no one was much impressed.

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Then again, what can you expect from the part of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow? Same broken record, different century.

Thankfully, no one in the stands seemed to be buying it. 

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