San Fran Elementary School Spent $250K On 'Woke Kindergarten'. Grades Plummeted.

Brittany M. Hughes | February 5, 2024
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Go woke, go broke…and illiterate, apparently.

A San Francisco-area public school that spent a quarter of a million taxpayer dollars on a “Woke Kindergarten” program learned the hard way that teaching kids to hate white people doesn’t make for smarter minority children. Not, I don’t guess, they really cared much in the first place.

But still. Glassbrook Elementary, which already boasted absolutely abysmal math and reading scores as it was, spent a whopping $250,000 on a program literally called “Woke Kindergarten,” which describes itself online as “a global, abolitionist early childhood ecosystem.” Whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean.

The program includes how-to guides for children on how to protest, heavily promotes the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” movement, calls for abolishing both the police and money, and educates children in the “language of resistance,” including words like “ceasefire” and “abolish.” One of the assignment prompts asks elementary school children to consider the question, “If the United States defunded the Israeli military, how could this money be used rebuild Palestine?”

The program’s founder, a “non-binary” teacher named Akiea “Ki” Gross who goes by “they/them” pronouns (because, of course), openly confesses in videos posted to her social media accounts that she does not believe the United States or Israel “have the right to exist.”

At its core, the curriculum hinges on the ideas of “whiteness” as an inherent oppressor, and claims that societal structures including the education system are racist. And the school signed a three-year contract to use the program in its classrooms - only for math and literacy rates to plummet.

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To foot the bill for the program, Glassbrook used money from a federal program - thanks, taxpayers! - meant for low-performing schools.

According to reports, both math and reading proficiency rates have dropped 4 percent as of the Spring on 2023, two years into the “Woke Kindergarten” contract. Math proficiency at the school now sits at under 4% - you read that right, four percent - while reading hovers under 12%.

Fox News reports said Hayward Unified School District Superintendent Jason Reimann said spending gobs of cash on the program was aimed at boosting attendance, not grades, claiming attendance at the school has gone up 20% since they implemtned the program. Of course, how it helps to get kids in the door but not learn to read or write when they’re there is beyond me. Then again, leftists care more about indoctrinating the youth of America than they do about making sure they can do algebra or understand basic science - which Reimann appears to admit.

“We are in favor 100% of abolishing systems of oppression where they hold our students back. What I do believe is we should pick providers based on their work and how effective they are,” he claimed.

Some teachers have complained that the curriculum is pointless for elementary school students, even if you buy into the premise that “whiteness” is evil. Others said the money should have been spent on hiring a reading specialist or someone who could help improve core gaps in kids’ learning.

Point well made - but teaching kids to read isn’t the goal. Teaching them to hate white people, Western civilization, and Judeo-Christian values is the goal. And at that, the left will stop at nothing - and spend anything.

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