Smashing Records - and Faces: NBC Laments 'Strict' Rules For Men Who Box Against Women

Brittany M. Hughes | January 4, 2024
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USA Boxing announced last week they’ll be allowing biological males to fight biological females in the ring, provided those males believe themselves to be women. And NBC is big mad.

Not about the fact that men will be permitted to wallop women, of course. NBC is all about that. No, the “news” outlet is upset because these biological men will be held to strict standards as to just how much testosterone they can have coursing through their more muscular systems while they beat their lady opponents to body pulps.

According to the new rules set down by USA Boxing, men who believe themselves to be women who want to compete in women’s boxing must have undergone male-to-female genital surgery and prove that their testosterone levels have been below 5 nanomoles per liter for at least four years before competing. (For reference, “normal” female testosterone levels are about 3 nanomoles per liter, meaning the rules actually give a good amount of grace to men who want to be one of the gals.)

Conversely, “trans men” - or women who believe themselves to be men - must show testosterone levels of 10 nanomoles per liter for at least four years prior to fighting men. Best of luck to you, ladies.

But according to NBC, requiring that men have female(ish) hormone levels and have schwacked off their nether regions before entering the ring with an actual biological woman is discriminatory, unfair, and might even be the trans person.

“The guidelines are a departure from policies typically put forth for transgender athletes,” NBC laments, noting that trans activist groups have “long argued that surgery requirements and testosterone testing like those put forth by USA Boxing 'jeopardize athletes’ dignity and autonomy' and may harm their health.”

You know what also jeopardizes athletes’ health? Being a woman who has to take on a dude in a fist fight. But hey.

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In an effort to tacitly accuse USA Boxing of being too stringent, NBC points to other sports governing bodies that “have made an effort to be more inclusive of trans athletes in recent years,” citing international cycling, for instance. Of course, it’s worth noting that as awful as it is to let a dude trounce his female competitors on a track and steal their medals, accolades, scholarships, and trophies, there’s even more reason to make sure a guy with high testosterone levels can’t just get into a boxing ring with a female and bash in her skull.

It’s one thing to smash a record. It’s quite another to smash a face. And women have already been seriously injured fighting against biological males in wrestling matches and MMA rings - we have the receipts.

Then again, NBC - and the rest of the rabid left - doesn’t much care for nuance, or for the safety of the actual women in sports.

But it makes sense for science denying, pro-“trans” ideologues to fight rules that make it harder for people to compete based on their “preferred” gender. After all, simply declaring yourself a woman doesn’t make you one, and even taking artificial hormones and paying a doctor to castrate you is unlikely to thwart science and level the playing field between biological men and women.

In 2018, a study found that a full three out of four “transwomen” who undergo hormone therapy to “transition” from male to female never reach normal female hormone levels, almost like it was designed to be that way.

Average adult males have testosterone levels ranging anywhere between 270-1,070 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Women’s testosterone levels, on the other hand, average about 15-70 ng/dL – obviously, a much lower level. But the study found that even after undergoing hormone therapy for three and a half years, “Only one quarter of transgender women who received spironolactone for testosterone suppression achieved testosterone levels considered within the usual female range, according to results of a new single-center, cross-sectional study.”

The highest suppression quartile achieved a mean testosterone level of 27 ng/dL. The second highest quartile did not achieve testosterone levels in the female range, but remained below the male range almost all the time. The least suppressed quartile was unable to achieve any significant testosterone suppression.

Participants with normal BMI showed the steepest decline in testosterone over the 9 months (average time to reach steady state) but did not reach the female range overall. 

Probably because they aren't women. And no amount of drugs, surgery, or therapy will make them one.

But you know how it goes with leftists: if the facts won't fit, just ignore them - and criticize anyone who uses them to make rules to keep female athletes safe.

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