Takes Balls: Meet the 50-Year-Old Trans Dude Swimming In Teen Girls' Competitions

Brittany M. Hughes | December 7, 2023
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There are multiple occasions, whilst scrolling through social media on a near-daily basis, where I find myself wondering, “…what the heck did I just watch???

And alas, today is no exception.

There’s a 50-year-old biological male swimming in teen competitions against 13-year-old girls in Canada, in case you were wondering how all this “self-identity” garbage is going. And no, I’m not making this up, however much I wish I were.

His name is Nicholas Cepeda, though he goes by and registers for girls’ swim competitions under the name “Melody Wiseheart.” He looks like this:



Conservative media first got wind of this middle-aged dude and his creepy fetish for competing against little girls when he swam against female teens ages 13-17 at the Richmond Hill Aquatic Centre’s Fall Classic at the Markham Pan Am Centre near Toronto, Canada last month. Rebel News reporter David Menzies actually showed up to the event with a camera, where he caught event organizers initially denying that Cepeda was registered for the “13 + over” category for the girls’ swim meet. Eventually however, they ‘fessed up and admitted the man was allowed to participate in the girls’ 200-meter freestyle.

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At the time, The Blaze Media confirmed with a Swimming Canada rep that per Canadian rules, swimmers can "swim as their declared gender" and that the "13 + up" category at the swim meet was "open" with no age limit, meaning anyone could resister - though the competitor list, which included participants' names and ages, showed no other swimmer at the meet was older than 17.


They also found out that Cepeda is listed as a professor at York University in the psychology department under the name "Dr. Melody Wiseheart,” where he researches "aging," "children," "youth," and "cognitive processes.”


But getting caught swimming with little girls like a total perverse weirdo didn’t stop Cepeda from doing it again. Rebel News heard about Cepeda’s name being listed among the competitors at last weekend’s Trojan Cup swimming competition at the East Bayfield Community Centre in Barrie, Ontario this past weekend. When Menzies once again arrived with a camera to document the bizarreness, he not only got clear footage of Cepeda swimming against teen girls in the pool, but said he personally witnessed Cepeda exiting the girls’ changing and showering facilities.

After the event, Menzies eventually caught up with Cepeda, who sprinted through the parking lot to his car and refused to answer questions.

Now, if I'm a Canadian parent, I'm not letting my daughter go into a locker room, changing area, or a pool with some 50-year-old crossdressing freak who gets his jollies swimming with teen girls. In fact, it probably wouldn't be legally advisable to say what I'd do if presented with that scenario. So I'll just leave it at this: I'm not sure what, if any, steps this guy's taken to modify his body to fit his physical delusion.

But if there were anything about him still resembling a man that he wasn't too fond of, we could take care of that real quick.

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