Tinker Bell Nixed From Disney Parks After Being Labeled 'Problematic'

Brittany M. Hughes | May 13, 2024

Disney has officially relegated Tinker Bell to the canceled heap after concerns over her “problematic” body image problems and rampant anti-women sexism.

Of course, if you weren’t aware that Tinker Bell - who is, to remind, a fictional character from a cartoon movie - is a misogynistic jerk who promotes self-hatred, you’re far from the only one. But Disney has made it clear it would rather pander to the woke weirdos than its actual, money-spending fanbase, so here we are.

Tinker Bell has been quietly scrubbed from Disney parks and her character retired from meet-and-greets with guests after the company decided several years ago that the “Peter Pan” pixie sent the wrong image to young girls that they needed a man’s approval, or something.

According to a 2022 New York Times article, Disney “storytellers,” tasked with flagging “potentially problematic” characters and storylines in classic Disney movies, determined Tinker Bell was too “body conscious” for modern audiences, adding that she is jealous of Peter Pan’s attention - which is apparently a big no-no for more socially conscious viewers. Captain Hook, the infamous villain of the film, was also branded “problematic” because he may inspire "discrimination or prejudice against individuals with disabilities because he is a villain” - direct quote. The movie itself also earned a trigger warning at the beginning of the film on Disney+ for its portrayal of Native Americans in its relatively short storyline involving Tiger Lily and her father, the Indian Chief.

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After Disney parks re-opened following Covid shutdowns, Tinker Bell was noticeably absent from her usual station in Disney World, where she’d once been available to meet and take photos with park guests. Now, the signage advertising a meet-and-greet with Tinker Bell has reportedly been removed from Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom, likely signaling a permanent end to her face-time with park-goers. Now, the only place the pixie can be seen as a live character in the park is from atop a float during the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

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