A Trans Kid Was Found Brutally Murdered in Pennsylvania - Now, He's a Prop For the Left

Brittany M. Hughes | July 9, 2024
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The media machine is running at full-tilt, churning out stories about a teenage boy who was murdered and dismembered late last month, his body parts strewn all over a Pennsylvania lake. Now, a mother’s world is in shambles, a man is behind bars, an investigation is ongoing, and the news media is in a frenzy.

Not because Pauly Likens was brutally murdered and torn apart at just 14 years old, but because he was trans.

Likens, a biological male who believed himself to be a girl and whose family referred to using “they/them” pronouns, was last seen in person on June 22. He then posted a photo on social media of a dark, isolated road at around 2:30 a.m. on June 23, along with a caption saying he was going for a walk to "clear my head."

At 2:30 a.m. At 14 years old.

Video and phone records suggest Likens was waiting for someone by the canoe launch at a local lake at the time he vanished about an our later, with his phone turning off around 3:40 a.m. Police were notified of his disappearance three days later, and quickly began searching for the missing teen.

In perhaps the most horrific ending imaginable, the police eventually found Likens’ remains scattered in and around Shenango River Lake. According to reports, it took them a week to find everything.

Based on an autopsy, Likens was murdered by sharp force trauma to the head, and his death was quickly ruled a homicide. A man named DaShawn Watkins, 29, has since been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, aggravated assault, evidence tampering, and abuse of corpse after footage showed him heading to the canoe launch around the time of Likens' disappearance, and returning with a duffle bag smeared with something red. He was seen the next day purchasing a power saw at a local hardware store. 

After being arrested, Watkins allegedly told detectives he'd met someone on Grindr - a dating app for LGBTQ persons - but claimed he couldn't remember if it was Likens.

And as if all that weren’t vile enough, it took about two seconds for the media to pick up the story and run with it, with most subtly suggesting that Likens’ gender identity played some role in his death. LGBTQ activist groups quickly seized on the story as yet another example of violence aimed at gender-nonconforming people, while his family has suggested more needs to be done to protect gay and trans teens from becoming victims of “hate crimes.”

"Pauly would have been 15 years old this past Saturday, and instead of celebrating their birthday, mom's still trying to figure out how to plan a funeral," said Pamela Ladner, president of the LGBTQIA+ Alliance Shenango Valley, per ABC News. "We're very far from where we thought we were and where we need to go as far as advocacy and keeping our youth safe, especially the LGBTQ youth in particular.”

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There’s just one problem - other than the fact that this kid is dead, and a man is behind bars for murdering him and butchering his corpse: as of yet, there’s absolutely no publicly available evidence to suggest Likens’ gender identity played any part in his death. That's not to say it didn't - in fact, if proof turns up that this young man was targeted and mutilated over his gender expression, I will freely acknowledge it. But as of this moment, not a single article, police report, press conference, or publicly released detail suggests the two are linked in any fashion. 

Not, of course, that it matters to those happy to co-opt some poor kid's death into being a prop for their narrative.

But two can play at this game. In fact, the whole media-fueled spin-fest raises several pertinent questions, if we’re really committed to going down this road. For example, while we’re on the subject of personal attributes, Likens was white. DaShawn Watson? I’ll give you three guesses as to how much melanin is floating around his epidermal layer. Hint? He’s not exactly Irish.

So then, why aren’t we having a discussion about black men targeting white teens?

And on that note, if a person’s gender identity is such a relevant detail in relation to crimes, why can’t we talk about the epidemic of trans violence? Why did the story of Audrey Hale, who shot up a Christian school in Tennessee, get swept under the rug before the shells had hit the floor, her violent manifesto buried under a pile of lawsuits and court orders?

Why not talk about Andrea “Aiden" Ye, a biological girl arrested last year after it was discovered she was planning to open fire on a local elementary school? What about Adam Hetke, a biological man who styles himself a female vampire, who was found guilty of raping a 16-year-old disabled girl while he was already awaiting trial for allegedly murdering another cognitively impaired boy by strangling him with a phone cord? Or Karon Fisher, a transgender “woman” in Houston, Texas, who was caught on tape crashing his car into the body of 64-year-old Steven Anderson before stabbing him to death? Jason "Alexia" Willie, a gender-confused man who was arrested for threatening to shoot children?

We could go on. And this is to say nothing of the laundry list of transgenders who’ve been arrested for sex crimes against children - just run a simple search on this website alone and you’ll find no shortage of examples.

Perhaps the question we should be asking (and would be, if this world had any sense at all) is why a 14-year-old kid was wandering around in the dark alone at 2:30 in the morning, and why he may have been on a gay dating app that paired him up with dude twice his age (which, frankly, suggests his murderer may not have exactly been of the hetero variety himself).

Any takers?

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why we - and by “we,” I mean the agenda-motivated, narrative-skewing left - aren’t allowed to discuss transgenderism as a factor among violent criminals. It's the same reason race or immigration status gets buried somewhere in the 27th paragraph of a news article detailing crime (if it’s mentioned at all) - provided, of course, that the victim doesn’t sport a politically expedient skin tone, and the perpetrator wasn't tromping around in a MAGA hat. 

Then CNN will run with it as gospel, all evidence be damned.

It is absolutely horrific that this young man in Pennsylvania lost his life, and in one of the most heinous ways imaginable. It goes without saying among those of us with even a modicum of humanity that no one deserves to be brutally murdered in cold blood, including gender-confused young men who believe themselves to be something they’re not.

Even still, that does not suddenly mean that gender identity was at all a factor in Likens’ murder. It is, however, an important cornerstone of the left’s war on society. And this poor kid just became another casualty.