U of AZ Considers 'Emancipatory Education' Minor, Including Classes On 'Whiteness' and 'Decolonial Thinking'

Brittany M. Hughes | December 5, 2023
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“Emancipatory Education” may soon be an undergraduate and graduate degree option at the University of Arizona, in case you were wondering how all that high-end, insanely expensive higher ed stuff was going.

The school was set to discuss adding the program to their lower-level degree fields on Monday, adding to the ever-growing list of garbage degrees with no possible earning potential that we’ll all soon have to pay for in loan “forgiveness.” Unless, I suppose, you use it to become a professional Black Lives Matter protester - there’s plenty of ill-gotten money to be made in that.

According to reports, the proposal is to add “Emancipatory Education” to the list of minors offered at the school, and will cover topics like “Indigenous methodologies" and "antiBlackness."

Your guess is as good as mine.

Education reporter John Sailer posted screenshots of the proposed program, which states the degree offerings will include classes on “Whiteness and Education,” “Activism in Higher Education,” “Theories of Inequality, Oppression, and Social Stratification,” "Pedagogy of the Borderlands,"and “Decolonial Thinking.”

Oh! And let's not forget, "LGBTQ children’s literature." We wouldn't want to leave out the kindergarten porn.

The goal, per the degree's own description, is "For students to apply “critical, postmodern, and emancipatory concepts” to develop “community-based and culturally-responsive leadership, social justice-based educational interventions, and theories of social change," including learning "ways in which [alleged oppression and racism] impacts and can inform leadership and programming in K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions." 

“Students will be able to critically analyze the process of education and schooling from historical, political, and sociocultural lenses,” the proposal states as part of the suggested programs “learning outcomes.”

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Of course, the program also suggests that students who complete the program “will be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing,” none of which is evidenced in this word-vomit of a program proposal.

Sidenote: the in-state cost of attending the University of Arizona is $30,686 before financial aid. Out-of-state students can expect to pay more than $55,000 - meaning a degree with a minor in How to Hate White People could run you over $200k.

But hey, if Democrats get their way and you can just write off the bill to taxpayers, I guess the program could get real cheap, real quick - kinda like the racist, leftist ideology it’s built on.

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