Is This Utah School Letting Kids 'Identify' As Animals? Photos Raise Some Questions

Brittany M. Hughes | April 19, 2024
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Full disclaimer: the following article is based on reports from middle school-aged students, social media posts, and claims by a local school district - all of which are subject to serious scrutiny. But in 2024 America, the fact that there’s even a chance that it’s true shouldn’t shock anyone, given the insanity our culture has already adopted as normal.

LibsofTikTok, an X account famous for exposing leftist predatory behavior toward children in their pursuit of gender and sexual deviancy (and who, I'd be remiss not to point out, is usually spot-on), posted photos reportedly showing middle school students at Mt. Nebo Junior High in Utah dressed up as “furries” - i.e., wearing animal masks to reflect their animal “identity.” (The fetish is a strange subculture that has gained popularity online and among those who find simple gender-bending to be not quite bizarre enough.)

LibsofTikTok, who credited independent podcaster Eric Moutsos for the photos, posted the pictures in response to Mt. Nebo’s insistence that there are no “furries” in their school, even as 75 students and parents held a protest earlier this week saying the school was allowing students to “identify” as animals and even bite and scratch other kids, and a petition denouncing allowing "furries" in school garnered more than 1,800 signatures.

“They have their little tails, they get down on their hands and knees and they bark at us,” one student at the protest told Conservative radio host Adam Bartholomew in a video posted to social media. The school responded to the social media firestorm by saying in a statement that some kids come to school in headbands with animal ears, but that no one wears full animal get-up in the classroom.

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"We want to assure you that rumors circulating online about student behavior are completely untrue," the district said. "These are 11 and 12-year-old students, and while sometimes these children may come to school with a headband that has ears, sometimes with giant bows, and sometimes dressed as their favorite athlete, there have been no students attending school wearing masks, animal costumes, or acting like animals." 

But according to LibsofTikTok’s Chaya Raichik, she’s got the receipts.

While it’s next to impossible to verify whether the photos are real or whether they were, in fact, taken at Mt. Nebo Middle School, the posts shared by LibsofTikTok appear to show students in full animal masks sitting in classrooms and lingering outside a school building.

One seemingly furry-sympathetic teacher at Mt. Nebo Junior High by the name of Rebecca Hunsaker (who is listed among the staff on the school’s own website) appeared to admit in a Facebook post that there are students who “dress as pets” in the school, but that they “stay to themselves," suggesting she actually prefers them to the students who protested. 


Which, even if true, would still be a complete deviation from what the school has said publicly.

Oh, but she wasn't the only one with an opinion on whether kids should be allowed to dress up as animals in school. Meet "Strudel," a woman who parades around in a head-to-toe dog costume as part of her animal cosplaying, and who was actually interviewed as an honest-to-God source by a local news media outlet on whether "furries" have a place in classrooms.

In the comments, more than a few users from all across the country said their children had complained of similar experiences with “furries” in their schools.

Now, I don't live in Utah, and I certainly don't have a child at Mt. Nebo Junior High. Nor, I should add, do I have any firsthand knowledge of the matter - and middle school kids are hardly known as the world's most accurate sources.

But I do know that the fact that "furries" exist, and that we're trying to figure out if a public school district is allowing kids to identify as animals in their classrooms - that this is even a remotely plausible possibility - should tell us all we need to know about how absolutely bonkers our culture has become. 

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