VA Blasted For Processing Illegal Aliens' Medical Care Claims While Thousands of Vets Wait

Brittany M. Hughes | January 11, 2024
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Leave your family, risk your neck, work your tail off in service to your country, only to come home with PTSD or a broken body? Thank you for your service and take a seat, we’ll get to you when we have some time. Grab a magazine though, it might be a hot minute.

But jump the border illegally, violate our laws, and start sucking off the public welfare system? Happy to have you, come right to the front of the line, please! And if the dude with the prosthetic leg is in your seat, just tell him to move.

That’s apparently how it works over at the Veterans Affairs office, which has helped dole out millions in taxpayer-funded reimbursements for doctors who treat illegal aliens while thousands of veterans - many of whom are suffering from conditions or injuries sustained in service to their country - wait in line for treatment.

Then again, what is illegal immigration if not butting in line ahead of people doing things the legal way? Seems on brand.

The New York Post reports that the VA’s Austin, Texas-based Financial Services Center has held a contract since 2002 with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to process reimbursement claims from physicians who treat illegal aliens being held in federal custody. A July 2023 Department of Homeland Security report states that in FY2022 alone, the center processed 161,538 claims at an average of $584 each, coming in at about $94.3 total in taxpayer funds.

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But while the VA has been processing claims for healthcare for illegals, nearly 420,000 benefit claims filed by veterans and their families are currently sitting in a pile still awaiting adjudication. That number has ballooned from the 150,000 or so that were already waiting for a decision in late 2022, even as thousands of veterans have turned to charitable organizations trying to make up for the lack of care available from the VA and the federal government at large.

The VA claims the two situations aren’t related, saying that only about 10 people at the Texas center are assigned to processing healthcare reimbursements for illegals and that their positions are “fully funded by ICE.” Which begs the question, if a measly ten people are able to process more than 160,000 claims for undocumented migrants’ healthcare, how is it that the entirety of the VA can’t process the backlog of claims for service members and their families? Quite the puzzler, that one. Almost sounds as though something fishy's going on. 

Here's a suggestion, while we're spitballing: maybe - just maybe - if we started turning away illegal aliens who hop our border in violation of our law, we’d be able to spend our valuable time, resources, and taxpayer money taking care of the people who put their own asses on the line to protect their own country and those of us who legally live in it.

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