VOLLEY-BALLS: FIVE Dudes Steamroll Canadian College Women's Game

Brittany M. Hughes | February 8, 2024
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Five visibly obvious dudes absolutely steamrolled a Canadian women’s volleyball competition this week, dominating the court and kicking actual ladies onto the bench.

Which, I suppose, is where the women-hating misogynists on the left think they belong.

Rebel News was there to catch the game between Seneca College in King City, Ont., and the Centennial Colts, where they found plenty of…er…”kings” utterly trouncing their female counterparts in a game supposedly meant for women. The outlet reports that “on the Seneca Sting volleyball team, there are no fewer than THREE biological males on the roster: #16 Franz Lagardas, #21 Ara Telan, and #9 Jess Garcia.” Playing for the Colts were two other biological men. And Rebel News got footage of the pretty clear discrepancy between the ladies in the gym, and those who were merely cosplaying in shorty shorts.

Rebel News added that a source told them there’ve been at least two serious head injuries sustained by women thanks to balls spiked by one of the biologically male players this year alone, reporting:

Recently, there have been two major head injuries to female volleyball athletes in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) caused by transgender men [‘transwomen.’] The first injury, on November 12, 2023, was a concussion caused by C.L. Viloria who plays the middle position for Centennial College. During a game at Centennial College vs. La Cite Collegiate, Viloria attacked the ball with heavy force and hit a La Cite volleyball player in the head.

The second injury, on January 22, 2024, was a concussion caused by a transgender woman, Franz Largadas. During a game at Seneca College vs. La Cite Collegiate, Largadas attacked the ball with heavy force and hit a La Cite player in the head. In the 2022-23 season Franz was listed on the Seneca College men’s volleyball team roster and is now on the women’s volleyball team roster this year.

In both instances the players had to be substituted off the court.

Which makes sense - the outlet reports that none of the dudes on the court were required to undergo hormone therapy or gender “transition” procedures before competing against women, per the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) rules.

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And it seems this is the general standard in sports across Canada. Rebel News sounded the alarm earlier this year about a middle-aged biological man swimming in meets against middle-school-aged girls, and even using the female locker room where prepubescent girls were changing. When asked how in the world this was being allowed, officials told the outlet - on camera - that the teen category of the swim meet technically had no age limit, and that swimmers could compete as whatever gender they “self-identified” as, regardless of whether they’d actually undergone hormone treatments.