'Bud Light Effect?' Companies Backing Down on Celebrating Pride

Ken Meekins | June 2, 2023
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Pride Month has begun and many corporations seem to be learning the “Bud Light Lesson” aftering scaling back some of their celebration of “pride.” 

Major League Baseball (MLB) and the U.S. Navy both quietly removed the pride logos from their profiles after the first day of pride month, according to the Daily Caller.

The MLB updated its official Facebook profile photo on June 1 with a pride flag behind their logo writing, “celebrating community, pride, and love of baseball.” However, just one day later, they switched back to their normal logo. 

The U.S. Navy also appeared to silently change their logo and take some Instagram posts down that celebrated pride month. 

This comes after both of the companies received backlash from promoting the LGBT agenda. 

The MLB has recently received backlash after the Los Angeles Dodgers invited the anti-Catholic drag queen group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to a pride night celebration. 

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The Navy has also received backlash for using a drag queen influencer in a recruitment video back in April

It seems many companies have started to respond to the backlash to the Alphabet propaganda that they’ve been pushing in their advertising. 

The Twitter account “End Wokeness” recently pointed out in a post that it seems less companies are participating in pride month this year. 

“Haven’t seen so few corporate Pride logos in years. Bud Lite effect?” the post said, while also showing a picture of different company logos on Twitter that haven’t yet switched to a rainbow pride theme. 

The corporations in the post included Verizon, American Airlines, Amazon, and Walmart.

These corporations seem to not want to take the chance at celebrating pride after Bud Light and Target stocks have tanked due to consumer boycotts in response to pushing the LGBT agenda.


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