Bud Light Sales Continue to Plummet Weeks After Mulvaney Disaster

Brittany M. Hughes | May 2, 2023
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The bad news just keeps on coming for Bud Light.

It’s been a little more than a week after the beer company canned both its VP of marketing and her boss after an ill-conceived stint to appeal to the masses by hiring a trans TikToker as a spokesperson landed the brand in hot water with its largely male consumer base. And it looks like a milquetoast statement by the company and hastily-flung Americana ad haven’t been enough to turn things around.

In the week ending April 22, Bud Light sales are down more than 21% across the country, signaling a major blow to a beer brand whose base audience is rooted in blue-collar men. Meanwhile, beer volumes - meaning the actual amount of product sold - fell 26%.

But perhaps even more notable than the drop in sales itself is the fact that this downward spiral has continued at a rapid pace for weeks. In the first week following Dylan Mulvaney’s pearl-spangled announcement that he was the newest face of the beer brand, Bud Light sales plummeted 6%. The following week, they were down 17%. And the combined drop in sales and overall beer volume sold indicates that regular customers who tend to buy larger quantities at a time aren’t making their usual purchases, which doesn't make for a good long-term outlook.

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Year-to-date, Bud Light sales are down 8% from their original projections.

While “go woke, go broke” isn’t always a hard-and-fast prediction of how a company will fare by kowtowing to rabid leftists, it looks like beer brands whose buyer bases are mostly straight, white dudes may want to think twice before hiring a shrimpy guy who thinks he’s a ditzy girl to tout their product.

If only someone could have predicted this.

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