Build-A-Bear Grooms Kids With Drag Queen Stuffed Toy

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 5, 2023
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If you were thinking about bringing a kid or a loved one to Build-A-Bear anytime soon, don’t.

Build-A-Bear just announced its latest partnership with none other than drag queen RuPaul in order to push drag even more into spaces where kids exist.

RuPaul, who hosts a drag queen competition show on TV, posted an unboxing video on his Instagram page where he got to meet the RuPaul bear. The stuffed toy had an intense amount of gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner, similiar to how many drag queens do their makeup, as well as a giant blonde wig and a gold sequin dress. The dress even has a slit that extended all the way up to the bear's crotch. 

Very tasteful, Build-A-Bear. 

The irony is that the left thinks that this isn’t grooming. Here’s the definition of grooming from the American Bar Association

Grooming is a method used by offenders that involves building trust with a child and the adults around a child in an effort to gain access to and time alone with her/him. In extreme cases, offenders may use threats and physical force to sexually assault or abuse a child. More common, though, are subtle approaches designed to build relationships with families. 

I’d argue that offering a child a teddy bear dressed up as a professional pervert is a great way to exercise grooming behavior. 

The website lists the bear for $56, describing the toy as: “Two iconic pop culture institutions join forces for this one-of-a-kind collector's item made in tribute to the world's most famous drag queen. Category is teddy bear realness with RuPaul Bear's signature wig and gold sequin dress included.”

How lovely. 

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Now, I will give credit where credit is due. In order to buy the RuPaul bear and accessories, the main Build-A-Bear website added the following disclaimer and took you to “The Bear Cave” website, which was built for people 18 and over. On the site, there are other items like bears drinking alcohol or bears wearing shirts with adult content. 

However, regardless of where Build-A-Bear is selling these items, the bottom line is that Build-A-Bear, a children’s stuffed toy company, is distributing and encouraging items that are clearly not for children. And, up until a few days ago, the website had the RuPaul bear link right on its home page next to the Mothers Day and Easter bears. 

A couple of notable level-headed individuals called out the obvious grooming, but it doesn’t look like Build-A-Bear is going to backpedal on its product anytime soon. 

It really is sick, the way the left is blatantly and obviously grooming our kids. And it’s also sick that when they’re called out for it, they don’t even care. 

Welcome to 2023 America.

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