Business Insider Claims Trump 'Cost' Unemployed $300 For The Week By Not Signing “Relief” Bill By Midnight on Sat

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 27, 2020
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How is it that so-called “journalists” and “editors” continue to try to pass off as "reporting" what really is bald-faced advocacy for, or against, some political cause? We may never know how they can suppress the basic urge to feel shame over their reprehensible actions, but it’s easy to see that they’re not stopping.

Case in point: Kelsey Vlamis and Joseph Zeballos-Roig, of Business Insider, and whoever edited their insufferably biased December 26 piece on Donald Trump defying the left for a scant few days and NOT signing the infuriatingly insulting, unconstitutional $2.2 TRILLION so-called COVID relief bill/omnibus spending package before Saturday at midnight.

The headline is enough to ignite the blood, and it says a great deal about the authors’ and editors' towering ignorance of economics, as well. It reads:

Trump just cost jobless workers one week of federal unemployment assistance after he failed to sign the relief bill by midnight on Saturday

Imagine being so insufferably biased or unbelievably ignorant as to publish a piece the headline of which completely overlooks the core issue of the so-called “Relief Bill” that gripped Americans all week: the fact that Congress and the Senate tied the $900 BILLION “Coronavirus Relief” measure to the $1.4 TRILLION omnibus spending bill, creating a $2.3 TRILLION, 5,593-page monstrosity that members were handed only hours prior to the vote. This is gross absurdity that mixes pork insults like Kentucky GOP Senator Mitch McConnell’s darling “Horseracing Safety and Integrity Act” with $10 million to go to “gender studies” in Pakistan, even as it promises to further insult Americans by promising them $300 a week in “supplemental unemployment benefits.”

I wrote for MRCTV a detailed analysis of the package and shot a video for it last week, pointing out many of the infuriating pork programs, and also noting the blatant unconstitutionality of not only those, but of the unemployment and “relief” checks to be sent to Americans, as well.

Simply put, despite the fact that Americans have seen their jobs wiped out by leftist authoritarian governors and mayors locking them down, even though those politicians and the police who support them rather than the Constitution are in the wrong, there is no constitutional way to “remedy” this other than the President suing those political enclaves for breaches of the Bill of Rights and other strictures of the founding document.

But Business Insider’s brilliant writers couldn’t put their heads together to write about any of that.

In fact, they didn’t even mention the melding of the “Relief” bill with the pork-laiden “Omnibus Spending” bill. It was as if the latter didn’t even exist in the eyes of Business Insider, which offered:

President Donald Trump did not sign the latest coronavirus relief legislation by midnight on Saturday, a move expected to cost jobless workers at least one week of $300 federal unemployment benefits.

Trump had suggested he might reject the $900 billion stimulus package, which passed in both chambers of Congress earlier this week, unless it includes $2,000 stimulus checks for Americans.

But the point is that Trump couldn’t “sign the latest coronavirus relief legislation” without signing the whole $2.3 trillion Omnibus. Does Business Insider think that their readers are lazy? That they don’t know this?


And, of course, by not signing the entire bill before midnight on Saturday (there’s no “line-item veto,” though Trump could sign a bill and simply not execute all the unconstitutional provisions -- which is pretty much everything in it, so why not veto the whole thing?) Mr. Trump is the bad guy:

By not signing the bill before the end of day Saturday, Trump has effectively cut a week of $300 federal unemployment benefits for jobless people…

No kidding... And do these “reporters” not know the source of that money?

It’s debt.

No government gets voluntary payments for services. By definition, that’s a business, not a polis. All governments operate through force, extortion, and coercion, mandating that people pay the political mafia. As a result, the only way government can get its money is through taxation, printing money, or issuing debt, and repeating both of the first two every time they have to pay back the bonds.

That means, as I mentioned in my piece last week, that the “relief” isn’t relief at all. It’s robbing Peter to pay Paul, and Peter is just being born. 

The level of insufferability this Business Insider piece reaches is almost incomprehensible. To think that people could engage in this roundabout activism, as a way to paint Trump as reckless or evil or the source of pain for unemployed people, and not once mention the tsunami of spending in the attached Omnibus, not mention the lack of constitutional authority for the feds to hand money to people -- in Pakistan or Peoria --  never mention that this money is offered on the backs of future tax slaves…

This is not journalism. It’s drivel. Just another facet on this terrible piece of legislation. We continue to learn -- and sometimes, it's not pleasant, but it's important.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)