BUSTED: Biden's Bracket Ruined After Arizona Loses

John Simmons | March 16, 2023
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Joe Biden can sure pick a winner. Just look at Kamala Harris. And the AZ Wildcats.

The 15-seed Princeton Tigers’ upset of the 2-seed Arizona in the first round of March Madness was a bracket-busting event for a lot of Americans -- including Biden.

The president tweeted out his bracket predictions on Thursday (after the games had already begun) including his now ruined men’s predictions and also a bracket for the women’s tournament.

Not only is it a bad look for his social media team to send out his bracket late, it's also confusing why he would bother filling out a women’s bracket and pick the winner he did. While barely anyone watches women’s basketball, anyone who loosely follows sports would know that picking Villanova over powerhouse South Carolina isn’t a savvy choice, to say the least. Maybe he filled one out for the sake of being inclusive?

Biden still has three final four picks in play, but if you lose your champion this early in the tournament, you basically have no hope of a positive turnout.

He’s also not the only one who’s odds of bracket success took a massive hit. After the Tigers won 59-55, less than one percent of the 20 million brackets filled out on ESPN’s platform remained perfect.


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