Buttigieg Implies 'Build Back Better' Hiring Under Biden Regime will Discriminate Based on Race & Gender

Nick Kangadis | January 21, 2022
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You have to wonder whether those in President Joe Biden’s regime have a messaging problem or they’re simply incompetent — OR, maybe they’re the racists and sexists that they constantly claim to fight against.

During Thursday night’s edition of “The ReidOut” with MSNBC racist host Joy Reid, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg appeared out of his depth in talking about some of the hiring practices of the current regime.

After Reid did her typical racist set up to her question, calling the Build Back Better bill a net benefit to “white guys,” Buttigieg conveyed that the Biden regime will focus their hiring practices for infrastructure project on discrimination based on race and gender.

You look at the jobs we’re going to create, yeah, they have been traditionally white and male. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way. We are working with a lot of focus, at the direction of the President, to make sure that everything from the contracting opportunities for small business to the labor opportunities for workers — fixing the bridges, installing the electric vehicle charging stations — are more likely to be workers color, are more likely to be women.


Thank you, Sec. Buttigieg for letting us know who exactly this regime is going to be discriminating against. 

Essentially, if you’re a straight, white, male, I hope you don’t work in these — most likely — union construction jobs, because the Biden regime has no room for you.

Actual racists that always like to talk about finding racists in shadows typically reveal their own racism in the light.