CA Health Facility Security 'Escorts' Nurse From Her Job – For Sticking To Her Religious Beliefs On Vaccine

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 2, 2021

Offering yet another example how mRNA injection mandates are eroding the already bureaucratized, politicized, command-and-control medical system that dominates most of the United States, an unnamed nurse at one of California’s many Kaiser Permanente medical facilities recorded herself being removed from her job because she allegedly held firm to her religious beliefs.

Neither the building site, nor the nurse, are identified, just the process and overall medical corporation, as the employee is seemingly forced out of her workplace by a large, male, security officer.

And her comments are powerful, offering, in part:

I just want all of you to count the costs. I want you to watch this, and think, ‘What really matters to me?’ because I am willing to lose my safety and security, my house, everything, for my freedom, and I want you to think about that.

On the elevator, going down, as part of her departure, she asks a few passengers:

Let me ask you. Do you believe in religious freedom?

And after each of the three passengers answers “Yes,” she replies:

Well Kaiser doesn’t believe in religious freedom... Because they are not accepting my exemption based on my sincerely held religious belief, and that’s a problem.




In the second of three parts to her video, the nurse observes:

I want you all to think about what matters to you. Because this matters to me. Freedom matters to me. Because it’s a slippery slope, once you start taking away freedoms.

And this is not just a “mutually consenting” business decision. This is not just a matter of the corporation changing the parameters and possibly breaching contract. It is worsened by the fact that the California government – thanks to Gavin Newsom – and the federal government – thanks to Joe Biden – have told medical businesses tied to Medicare and Medicaid and licensed by California they must take a gene-vector jab euphemistically called a “vaccine” that has not gone through the typical testing procedures of real vaccines.

People who care about the Constitution already question the validity of Medicare, Medicaid, and licensing laws, and now they have this to add to the list, as well as the practical question of why politicians and bureaucrats are so abusively insistent about forcing potentially risky jabs for a virus with a survivability rate over 99 percent averaged across all cohorts, when naturally acquired immunity is better.


As a result, this nurse’s words are very meaningful, and they are emblematic of many other, similar, experiences – experiences that tell us just how dark the US system is, and how far it has fallen from the original constitutional system the Founders created.

During her journey to her car, climbing seven flights of stairs to get to the garage roof, where she had parked in order to leave room for patients and visitors, and passing by insufferable signs from Kaiser about how walking the stairs was good for people, the nurse added other key observations:

It’s a sad day. I don’t know what kind of pandemic it is, if they’re firing nurses who are willing to work… I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me.

This is the start of the purge, a purge that already saw huge protests by Kaiser Pernamente employees in late August, just after the orders were announced. But the corporation and the politicians and bureaucrats didn’t listen. Instead, they revealed the sham and shame of their ceaseless pandemic pantomime.

And now, they are putting employees on unpaid leave, in advance of full termination. People like this woman, who calmly said in her recording as she was “escorted” to her car:

So you ask yourself that question, what kind of world are we living in when we have a ‘pandemic’ where my kids have to wear masks at school, and they have to get a vaccine for something that they’re not at risk of dying for, at all. What kind of a world are we living in, if they’re firing nurses who don’t want to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs? Right? That’s crazy.

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