Cali City Is Giving Out Universal Basic Income - But Only to Trans People

Brittany M. Hughes | April 8, 2022
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Just went you thought leftist loonies couldn't possibly get any loonier, one California city announced its plan to give out universal basic income – but only to trans people.

Not the LGBTQ community in general, mind you – just trans.

Sorry, L's and G's.

Palm Springs’ new policy, billed as a “pilot program,” aims to provide otherwise no-strings-attached cash for “non-binary” residents who the city’s leftist government has determined are among the ”most vulnerable” residents. In fact, the Palm Springs City Council has already voted to approve $200,000 in taxpayer cash to be reallocated to trans and “non-binary” people.

The city also plans to ask the state for another $35 million in funding for a universal basic income plan that would, ostensibly, cover everyone. But for now, you only qualify if you’re a gender-bender.

The reasoning, apparently, is because transgender persons face higher levels if income disparity, making them more deserving of other people’s hard-earned money. The trans and non-binary community “faces unique financial, mental and physical hardships,” NPR reports, paraphrasing Palm Springs Councilmember Christy Holstege, who pitched the effort in the first place.



Jacob Rostovsky, founder of Queerworks (one of two NGOs tasked with creating the program), said that "[h]aving that unrestricted cash flow is really important, not only for trans and nonbinary individuals, but for everyone,” because other welfare benefits like SNAP and WIC have limits on how you can spend that money.

He added that having a government-provided cash flow that doesn’t come with rules or strings will help trans people get, among other things like food, “gender-affirming care,” something the rest of the (still-struggling-under-inflation-by-whatever) populace doesn’t need.

The group pinky-promises to include non-trans or “non-binary” people in their wealth redistribution plan soon.

But for now, if you live in Palm Springs and want some extra cash, just identify as “non-binary” – after all, saying you feel something is all it takes…