Cali Senate Approves $300-a-Week Unemployment Checks to Illegals

Brittany M. Hughes | June 6, 2023
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Here’s a lesson in how not to do math: if your state is facing a $31.5 billion deficit this year while hemorrhaging tidal waves of people like the Hoover Dam after an earthquake, don’t start cutting checks to people willy-nilly like you’ve got an endless pile of Monopoly cash to play with.

Especially if the people you’re cutting checks for shouldn’t be in the country in the first place.

And yet, that’s exactly what the brilliant minds in California - the same unparalleled geniuses who brought us cities filled with human poop and piles of dirty syringes and homeless camps as far as the smog-blurred eye can see - decided to do when the California Senate last week approved sending $300-a-week checks to illegal aliens…as long as they self-report being eligible, of course.

Here’s how it works: under SB 227, unemployment fund officials would be banned from asking for claimants’ Social Security numbers or contacting their current or past employers to verify that the claimant is, in fact, out of work. (For context, California is home to some 5 million illegal aliens who aren't technically authorized to work, so this should go well.) 

And if you’re thinking all that sounds like a fantastic way for people to defraud taxpayers, you’d be correct, considering all the bill requires an unemployment applicant to do is to self-attest that they’ve earned at least $1,300 or worked a minimum of 93 hours over the past three months. To verify their claim, applicants can simply show certain documents including tax returns, transaction logs on payment apps like Venmo, and/or transportation receipts that demonstrate they’ve been commuting - none of which can be faked, I’m sure.


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Now, the first question that any sensible person might ask is how a state eyeball-deep in debt plans to find the taxpayer cash to fork over to illegal aliens who didn’t even bother to come into the country the correct and legal way. The second question, of course, is just how deep that seemingly bottomless pit will go, considering the Biden administration has opened the floodgates to illegal immigration with no sign of stemming the tide anytime soon.

But never fear, Golden Staters - the experts are in charge! Per the Senate’s approved plan, California’s unemployment insurance fund - the same agency defrauded of about $31 billion tax dollars during the botched COVID bailout debacle and which is already about $20 billion in debt? Yeah, them - would be in charge of handing out the checks.

What could possibly go wrong?

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