Calif. Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder, Staff Attacked on Campaign Trail

Nick Kangadis | September 9, 2021
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The violent left did what they do once again — preach tolerance while physically attacking those that don’t fall in line with their never successful ideology.

Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and members of his campaign team were attacked while visiting a homeless encampment in Venice on Wednesday.

A woman in a blackface gorilla mask that had pink hair on it threw an egg from behind at Elder and began verbally berating the 69-year-old author and radio host. Once Elder was rushed to a vehicle standing by, a security guard for Elder was punched in the face by the woman, who then screamed at the man not to touch her.

Why the blackface gorilla mask? Racist much? At the very least the “brave” woman is a coward for wearing a mask. If you’re so justified, show your face, clown.

Other people who were screaming expletives at Elder then began hitting the security guard. Police might not have been on the scene, because it appeared as though no one was arrested for the assault on the security guard.

Here’s video of the altercation (Warning: A lot of strong language):

Those people really accomplished a lot, didn’t they?

Elder took to Twitter Wednesday evening to talk of the violence his campaign endured in the Los Angeles area alone.

It doesn’t matter who you support in any endeavor, violence is never the answer. But, with all of these violent leftist attacks, some might question whether self-defense is the answer to said violence.