Calif. Sheriff Won't Enforce Vax Mandate: 'I Have an Obligation to Guard Your Liberty and Freedom'

Nick Kangadis | September 16, 2021
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The government basically making Americans' health care decisions for them is more than tyrannical. The same crowd that always likes to tell you how people should be able to do what they want with their bodies, are now the same crowd that will confront you in stores if you’re not wearing a piece of paper over your face or will call you akin to a genocidal maniac if you haven’t been vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is your own business, whether you’ve had the jab or not.

One California sheriff seems to agree when he came out on Monday and said that he “will not enforce the vaccine mandate” on his department.

“Over the past couple of weeks, the idea of forced vaccination has caused much concern across the entire country,'' Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said in a statement, according to the Desert Sun. "I will not enforce the vaccine mandate on Sheriff's Department employees.”

The sheriff furthered his stance by saying that his job it is his constitutional duty as a servant of the public to protect them “from the criminal element, as well as being the last line of defense from tyrannical government overreach.”

But that’s not all. Bianco’s next statement will make you love this guy.

“The government has no ability and no authority to mandate your health choices,'' Bianco said. "As your sheriff, I have an obligation to guard your liberty and freedom.”

And that’s coming from a sheriff, who is essentially an element of government.

Sheriff Bianco isn’t “anti-vaccine,” as he said himself. He simply thinks that a medical procedure should be a decision between an individual and their doctor, with the ultimate decision belonging to the individual.

“That decision should be made in consultation with your doctor after discussing the potential benefit and the potential negative side effects,'' Bianco continued. "It is time our government and our politicians come to the realization that the only reason they exist is because `we the people' formed our government to secure the blessings of individual liberty and freedom.”

God bless, Sheriff Bianco.

If only we had all sheriffs were like this one — and Bianco isn’t the only sheriff doing this — that do what their job entails, to constitutionally protect and serve Americans in their jurisdictions.

Sheriff Bianco also addressed his state’s vaccine mandate in a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department podcast last week. You can check that out below: