California HS Defies District, Waves Thin Blue Line Flag Before Football Game

John Simmons | October 31, 2022

Saugus High School (SHS) Football team in Santa Clarita, CA was banned by its local superintendent last month from carrying out a Thin Blue Line flag during pregame ceremonies for games. The Centurions initially followed this nonsensical mandate for a few weeks, but made an end of cowering to wokeness this past weekend.

Before their regular season finale against the Golden Valley Grizzlies on Friday night, two centurions were filmed running onto the field with two flags - one American and one Thin Blue Line (the latter of which signifies support for law enforcement). The player carrying the Thin Blue Line flag took extra time to wave it in front of the crowd, who cheered on the extra show of support and the restart of an honored tradition.

William S. Hart Union High School District Superintendent Mike Kuhlman - who allegedly made the decision without bringing it to the rest of the district board - originally said that the flag was offensive to some students, which you wouldn't gather from this video.

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“(It) occurred to (Bornn, the head coach of SHS) that it’s possible that some players on the team might not be entirely enthusiastic about a symbol that is being used to represent the entire team,” Kuhlman wrote in his letter explaining the dumb rationale behind his decision in late September. “Please note that this decision does not translate into a change in support for law enforcement. The degree of enthusiasm behind our District’s backing of law enforcement is not measured by the acceptance or rejection of any one particular symbol.”

Backtrack and lie all you want Kuhlman. The decision was dumb to begin to with and an ardent slap in the face towards officers who had proved that they were willing to put their lives on the line to save high schoolers from harm. 

Thankfully, SHS decided to not follow this demand anymore. The cherry on top of the proverbial sundae was that the Centurions won their game, 31-13, to finish the regular season 8-2.

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