California Stealin': Thieves Haul Trashbags Full of Stolen Merch Out of a Store In Broad Daylight

Brittany M. Hughes | March 2, 2023
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The scene of store thieves casually strolling into a place of business in broad daylight, loading up armfuls - or even bagfuls - of merchandise, then nonchalantly hauling their stolen loot out the door in full view of employees and security cameras has become all-too-common, particularly in cities where crime has been allowed to run rampant and thieves are rarely caught or punished for their crimes.

But when it comes to irony, this one might steal the proverbial cake.

Cell phone footage out of California shows the moment four dark-clad robbers walked out of a Sacramento store called “Work World” loaded up with large, bulging trash bags full of stolen goods. A clearly annoyed - but not shocked - employee walks behind them as they leave, explaining the situation presumably to the police on the phone.

The irony, of course, being the fact that these criminals who don't want to pay for merchandise would lift it from a store that markets exclusively to people who need apparel for their jobs.

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And it looks like this may be one of the thieves’ first rodeo, as he drops his entire bag full of lifted clothing in a puddle on the sidewalk after leaving the store. The fourth criminal casually stops and helps him scoop up the pile of loot and stuff it back into the bag before the entire gang begins walking across the parking lot.

I guess you don't have to be a surefooted criminal mastermind to make off with hundreds or even thousands of dollars' worth of stolen stuff when you know no one's going to do anything about it. 

So where did they go? Who are they? Will anything be done?

As for those first two questions, likely no one knows - there’s been no arrest or even a local story, as far as we can tell.

As for that last question? Well, given that California in 2019 upped the theft limit for a felony charge of grand larceny from $400 to $950, triggering a massive rise in so-called “smash and grab” thefts across the state, my 8-ball says the answer to that is “unlikely.”

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