Californians Reject Prop 16: Measure Would've Reinstated Racist Affirmative Action Policy

Nick Kangadis | November 6, 2020
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The people of California finally said no to one of their state’s more hypocritical measures.

Proposition 16 would’ve allowed the politicians who say they do things to combat racism to institute laws that are racist themselves. The proposed law would’ve given employers the opportunity to profile prospective employees by their race, gender and ethnicity.

The measure was defeated with 56.1 percent voting no and 43.9 percent voting yes. 

The move by Democrats in the state would’ve also repealed Proposition 209, which prohibited affirmative action programs.

If the proposition in question had passed, employers could essentially discriminate based on the above-mentioned race, gender and ethnicity.

By pushing affirmative action, bureaucrats basically tell the people they’re supposedly trying to help that the powers-that-be don’t think certain people can make it in life on their own so they’ll just give it to them.

That doesn’t improve the prospects of a person’s life, it only restricts it to not being able to achieve above a certain level.

Thank God the people of California voted and said no to Prop 16.

H/T: Los Angeles Times