Canadian Cancer Society Suggests Men Pretending To Be Women Get Cervical Cancer Screens – Seriously

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 19, 2023
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This would be comical if it didn’t reflect how little those involved in this care about their supposed field of endeavor.

Decades ago, a “sci-fi” author friend of mine once chided me for lumping fantasy together with science-fiction. He was absolutely right, since science-fiction is supposed to incorporate real science – and the authors in that field work hard to get their science right.

Of course, over the years, that “rule of thumb” has been eroded, corrupted by loose-minded people who preferred to inject fantasy into what they continued to call “science-fiction” – and the trend has paralleled a similar shift in the real world.

Which brings us to yet another in a progressively more fantastical series of steps supposed “scientists” have taken to conform to the dangerous Cultural Marxist fantasy world of wokeism: the Canadian Cancer Society just issued a “recommendation” that so-called “Trans-Woman” get cervical cancer screenings.

Alyssa Guzman reports for the Daily Mail:

“The Canadian Cancer Society has recommended that transgender women should talk to their doctor about getting screened for cervical cancer.”

Which accepts the fantasy that men who hire doctors to surgically mangle their bodies are “women,” and also promotes the fantasy that said damaged and reworked males can have cervixes.

But since real science, honest language, and even many contemporary minds have bent in supplication to the god of woke that claims anything can mean anything, that pronouns can be misapplied without any worry, and that the unreal can be called “real,” the Canadian Cancer Society is proceeding with this “recommendation.”

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The society actually devotes a lot of uncomfortable time discussing details about the surgically-constructed “private parts” of these scarred men that, for the sake of decency, we will forego, but their supposed point is that, even without a real cervix, a biological man who has had “bottom surgery” runs a “very small risk” of contracting human papillomavirus (HPV).

Guzman reports that the British National Health Service (NHS) holds a very different view, and is pretty blunt about it:

“The NHS, the UK's healthcare system, said that 'if you are a trans woman or non-binary person assigned male at birth, you do not need cervical screenings as you do not have a cervix.'”

And they are not alone:

Cancer Research UK also reiterated this by saying 'trans women do no have a cervix, so don't need to consider taking part in cervical screenings.'  

'You might hear the term 'neo-cervix' used to describe the tissue at the deepest part of the neo-vagina in trans women who have had vaginoplasty, a type of genital reconstructive surgery. This area is made of a different type of cells to the cervix in a cisgender woman,' it's website read.”

Which might inspire anyone familiar with biology and the differences between men and women to say, “NO KIDDING.”

But, just like reality has not prevented pop media from peddling surgically-slashed MEN as WOMEN, it hasn’t stopped the Canadian Cancer Society from peddling fantasy in the guise of science, either.

This could have a bearing on government policy and, in the end, other people’s wallets.

After all, every province in Canada now provides some form of tax-funding for “gender reassignment” surgery, and the central Trudeau tyranny is making taxpayers subsidize to a max of $75K “gender-affirming procedures.”

Then there’s the 2017 passage of bill C-16 -- the Canadian government mandate that anyone running a business that the Trudeau-crats in the Canadian bureaucracy choose to “regulate” (meaning, pretty much every business) must address any customer with the “preferred pronouns” that the customer demands.

If Canadian politicians are willing to force taxpayers to subsidize “trans” medical procedures (the mandate to subsidize anything is immoral) and to force business owners and employees to participate in the linguistic fantasy of using plural pronouns for individuals or to swap male and female pronouns, and they are willing to fine and punish transgressors, does it seem beyond the realm of possibility that they also will bend to the frenzied demands of wokesters who and pump more tax cash into the Canadian “health” system for men to get pap-smears?

It's one thing to engage in the indulgence of fantasy.

It’s another to force others to do so, to corrupt the meanings of words – be they scientific terms or matters of more common parlance -- and to make one’s neighbor pay the fare for third parties to engage in the dark fantasy of body mutilation.

These properly should be understood as moral boundaries, because the breach of them means that government force could be, and, likely, will be applied.

And because there is a real world. There are differences between men and women, and to deny those realities is insulting, immoral, and dangerous.

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