Can't Have it Both Ways: 'Codify Roe' Joe Says 'Every Person Sacred'

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 3, 2022
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Whoever writes President Joe Biden’s scripts made a boo-boo. 

“Devout Catholic” Biden claimed that we are all a “child of God” and are “sacred,” at the Columbus Club in Washington D.C. November 2, tweeted. He must have forgotten that he's a huge advocate for the slaughter of innocent children in utero and does the opposite of honoring the sacredness of life.

“Each one of us is a child of God. Every person is sacred. If that's true, then every person's rights must be sacred as well.”

Every person’s rights must be sacred as well? Huh? That’s coming from the same guy that denies the most basic right, the right to live, to the most vulnerable population in our society. 

Biden has an extreme pro-abortion stance.  When Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a 15-week abortion ban, Biden called the act “dangerous.” Yes, it’s dangerous to save lives … OK got it. He’s also promised to make codifying Roe his first priority if Dems control congress next year and he’s constantly bashing any laws that protect the life of the innocent. 

In the same speech Wednesday, Biden also urged “Individual dignity, individual worth, individual determination, that's America, that’s democracy and that’s what we have to defend.”

How is he defending any of that for unborn babies? He dehumanizes them and diminishes their significance, which is the polar opposite of showing “individual worth.”

On Tuesday, Biden further confused his faith and its actual stance on abortion. 

I’m a practicing Catholic. I’ve supported Roe vs. Wade. And the reason I support Roe vs. Wade is the most rational basis upon which confessional faiths can agree: No one knows precisely when does human life begin.

Well Joe, if you trust the science like you claim to do, you’d know that 96 percent of biologists agree that a human life begins when an egg is fertilized by sperm, the moment of conception. 

Not to mention, the Bible is clear about when life begins. In numerous cases the Lord proves that he planned each and every one of us and knew of our existence even before our own mothers did. The Bible doesn’t say anything about life being valued at first breath in the world. The Lord values us all and gives each of our lives sanctity. 

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Galatians 3:28 reads, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” We are all valued, as Biden said, yes, but all includes unborn babies as well, not just the ones with birth certificates. 

In order to support abortion as a person of faith, one must abandon the faith. Christian faith and abortion do not work together (despite what Biden’s accomplices frequently tout).

We knew that Biden supported abortion, we knew that he calls himself a Catholic but to blatantly lie about valuing life is a new low for our president. 

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