'Catholic' Sen. Kaine Likens Pro-Life Tenets to SHARIA LAW

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 25, 2021
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Among the many terms that come to mind when thinking about the seemingly limitless arrogant and errant statements made by Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D), LARP stands out.

LARP stands for “Live-Action Role Play”, and pertains mostly to teens and adults who enjoy dressing-up in costumes – especially medieval fantasy costumes – and pretending to engage in adventures. It’s fun, and harkens back to one’s childhood.

It’s not so much fun when the LARPER is pretending to swear an oath to protect and defend the small-government-oriented US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or a religion the doctrine of which is supposed to be pro-life.

And that is precisely what most of Tim Kaine’s life as a politician has been, from his early political days, to his spot as running-mate for LARPER-SUPREMO Hillary Clinton (heck even her claim about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary is a LARP), to the post-election era, to 2021, a time when he evidently feels confident enough having gotten away with a lot of LARPING to pretend he’s a “Catholic” even as he likens both the Catholic doctrine opposing abortion and the fundamental tenets of orthodox Judaism to Muslim Sharia Law.

On May 22, Thomas D. Williams, PhD, wrote for Breitbart that Kaine penned a screed for the “far left ‘National Catholic Reporter’” in which the Virginia Senator asserted, as Williams succinctly put it, “that requiring Catholic legislators to oppose abortion is like imposing sharia law on the nation.”

Curious. Conversion to a Christian religion, such as Catholicism, is a choice, while Islam, even under the Prophet Muhammad, often is imposed on people through military conquest, threats, and other forms of coercion. 

But what about legislators?

Well, since Kaine claims to be a Catholic man who PERSONALLY swears an oath to uphold the US Constitution, he’s exposing himself as a double-hypocrite.

First, let’s look at his religious hypocrisy and the truly septic nature of Kaine’s reckless likening of the Catholic (or other) religious pro-life stance, then we can study the validity of his claim that if a Catholic legislator wants to use the state to protect the life of the pre-born, this is an imposition of religious orthodoxy, akin to violent Muslim forced-conversion and domination through Sharia Law…

To begin, let's note the obvious: Kaine claims to be a Catholic. Yet he is pro-abortion.

A Williams notes for Breitbart, in the Senator’s “National Catholic reporter” piece:

…Kaine suggested abortion is not a matter of the life and death of an unborn child, but merely of norms governing human sexuality.

And Williams adds:

Following on the same assumption — that abortion has nothing to do with defending human life — Kaine went on to declare that ‘a decision by U.S. bishops to elevate issues of human sexuality, however important, above all others seems contrary to the Gospel.’

So, clearly, Kaine does not believe in Catholicism or Christianity, because, as stated earlier here, Christians understand that God gave our human souls physical life upon our conception, not at some point during gestation or when we were outside the womb.

The next portion of Kaine’s stunning hypocrisy is also a sadly bounteous platter, and that has to do with his explicit oath to uphold the US Constitution.

The simple fact is that the Judeo-Christian tenet of the sanctity of life is not only part of the US Declaration of Independence, the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitutin REQUIRES that if states have statutes prohibiting and punishing acts whereby one person kills another, those state laws must protect all equally.

Since the Christian religion, not just Catholicism, holds that human life begins at the moment of conception, and that the act of murdering another is against God’s Law, Senator Kaine is not only far afield as a Catholic to believe that a fetus is not a human being (scientifically, it is human and being at the moment of conception), as a US Senator, he is inconsistent to sign on to the Constitution, yet believe that certain state laws protecting certain human lives are somehow “religious impositions” akin to Sharia Law.

Would he call laws against the killing of adults similar to Sharia Law, because the sixth of the Ten Commandments prohibits murder, and since US states have statutes against murder as well – statutes which, as a US Senator, he swears to make sure will be applied equally to all people – those statutes must be religious in nature and as oppressive as Sharia Law?

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It doesn’t take much time to see that at the heart of Kaine’s stance is a self-imposed blindness, a terrible hubris, in which he desires to be one of the people who uses the state to boss others around, but does not want to consistently apply the Western rationales for the state, even as he bad-mouths what he claims is his own religion and doesn’t acknowledge that its tenets favoring life he inconsistently favors via statute already, since he favors statutes that supposedly “protect” people.

For example, Kaine favors “hate crime legislation,” which not only applies an Orwellian power for government to get into deciding which motivations for which crimes are worse (making a punch to the jaw somehow more painful and damaging if it’s delivered for racial reasons rather than, say, jealousy) but it also exposes that he, too, could be imposing a religious doctrine against violent attack.

Kaine's track record has shown that, even as he thoughtlessly derides the idea of legislators acting on their Catholic faith to use the state to punish abortion, he also wants the state to punish the taking of other human lives, to punish people differently if he thinks the act was perpetrated for reasons he doesn’t like, to engage in the redistribution of wealth, and to push private businesses around.

He certainly has a belief system he is trying to impose on people.

But it’s not Catholic.