CBC Attendees Issue Ad Hominem Attacks Against Tea Party

danjoseph | September 26, 2011
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MRCTV took its cameras to the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Conference and asked some of its attendees, whether they viewed the Tea Party as "racist." A few of them responded with an emphatic yes, and others implied that the Tea Party was motivated by racist views. Some even suggesting the Tea Party "go to hell."


One woman in attendance used the racial slur "Oreo" to describe Rep. Allen West(R-FL), the CBC's only Republican member and a Tea Party favorite. 

Will the liberal media ask the CBC to denounce these attacks by their attendees?  Will they ask the CBC whether there are racist elements among its base of support as CNN's Candy Crowley did when asking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY) about allegedly "racist" signs seen at Tea Party rallies?

Interestingly enough, our video coincides with two other incidents which hit upon the subjects of race and the Tea party movement.

The first was actor, Morgan Freeman’s uninformed comments regarding Senate Minority Leader Mitch “O’Connell” and his supposed racially based animus against the president.

Shortly after that, Herman Cain, an African American GOP presidential candidate and Tea Party favorite, won the Florida Straw poll by a huge margin.