CBS Reports on Plight of Trans Lady Who Can’t Get a Sex Change in Ukraine Right Now

Gabriel Hays | March 1, 2022
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It’s going to take a lot of convincing to get Americans to want to go to war with Russia over Ukraine. (Of course that doesn’t mean we don’t stand for the Ukrainians’ fight for freedom, but still there’s only so much we can do.) However, CBS News is trying a new strategy to get us to show even more support for the embattled Ukrainians and that’s by reporting on the plight that transgenders in Ukraine are enduring throughout this war.

Oh, if we weren’t listening before, we are DEFINITELY listening now. 

In the most annoying, cynical and patronizing tweet in the entire world, CBS News promoted a segment on the transgender rights fight that’s going on in Ukraine. What's the strategy here? I guess this is one way to get American social justice warriors hot for supporting Ukraine.

“Transgender acceptance in Ukraine is not widespread, and changing legal documents to match gender requires a long process with psychiatric examinations," CBS News’ tweet stated. "CBS News spoke with one [transgender] woman in Kyiv who is now battling a ‘war within a war’ amid Russia's invasion."

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Oh no. What’s worse than a tiny number of trans people in Ukraine going through paperwork and evals before cutting their genitalia off? Well, doing all that while under fire from Vladimir Putin’s tank units. And we thought it was bad that millions of normal citizens are in danger of losing their lives or loved ones in this conflict. So CBS, you’re saying that this trans person can’t get appointment to undergo a sex change while the missiles are falling? 

Just wait and watch American liberals start to demand Biden institute a no-fly zone over Ukraine now. 

Coupled with this ridiculous tweet was a short video of an interview with this desperate trans person who in addition to admitting being afraid for his life because of the invasion, expressed fears that his armed and desperate Ukrainian neighbors might turn on him because the country is “not a rainbow-friendly place.” 

In all honesty, we’re tempted to borrow a line from the far left and tell this person to "check their privilege."

This trans woman added, “lives for trans people are very bleak here.” And yes, while we are concerned for this biological man’s safety, we are equally concerned with every other person in Ukraine’s safety as they are ALL in the same mortal danger.

According to this trans person, biological males aren't being allowed out of Ukraine at the moment. Because Ukraine does not recognize a trans person’s new gender status without a patient undergoing psych evals and other qualifications, and since doing so while Ukraine is being invaded is virtually impossible, he can’t leave the country.

Pardon the pun, but it appears he's going to have to man up like every other man in Ukraine right now who is facing death and destruction for the safety of his family and his country.

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