CDC Drops Highly Controversial Mask Recommendation, And You're Still Paying Them

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 27, 2022



Despite being highly controversial and in question for nearly two years (I recall reporting on Hollywood celebs neglecting the scientific debate while blindly pushing the government line on masks in July of 2020), and despite the angering double standards of so many in DC and various states (read: Anthony Fauci, numerous state and local politicians) the CDC finally has dropped its “mask recommendation” mantra.

You know the one: that “recommendation” that led to Joe Biden, state after state, and city after city imposing unconstitutional, contract-clause breaching edicts on private businesses and schools to “mask up or be shut down.”

And you paid for it.

Sure is great to be free.

Wendell Husebø writes for Breitbart:

Without a change in the science of coronavirus transmission, the CDC lowered the bar and put forth new guidance that places more than half of U.S. counties under low or medium risk of coronavirus, where masking up is no longer suggested.

And he and NBC News observe that this new "guidance" covers approximately 70 percent of Americans.

’We want to give people a break from things like mask wearing when levels are low, and then have the ability to reach for them again should things get worse in the future,’ Dr. Rochelle Walensky said about the CDC’s mask-wearing policy.

Which is curious, since it was just three weeks ago that the CDC was chanting the face-diaper mantra like a tribe of tax-bloated true believers.

As Amelia Janaskie and David Waugh report for The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER):

The Biden Administration aside, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) approach to the pandemic has been concerning, especially regarding its ability to offer reliable information to the public. The latest example of this trend occurs in a misleading infographic, which if taken at face value, conveys that wearing a cloth mask provides 56 percent more protection than no mask at all.

Misleading, indeed, the authors explain:

The CDC cites the results from its new study on masking, which states that ‘wearing a cloth mask (aOR = 0.44; 95 percent CI = 0.17–1.17) was associated with lower adjusted odds of a positive test compared with never wearing a face covering but was not statistically significant.’ If one looks closely at the infographic, the hash symbol at the bottom indicates the results for cloth masks are ‘not statistically significant.’

Even though the CDC is technically honest in reporting this fact on the infographic, the situation still raises the question: if it admits in fine print that its infographic isn’t backed by reliable evidence, then why are they publishing it in the first place? Moreover, if the evidence suggests that wearing cloth masks has no statistically significant relationship with reducing the probability of testing positive, then why does the CDC continue to say we should use them?

A valid question.

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Referring to Breitbart’s Husebø once more, he adds more of Rochelle Walensky’s magic phrasing for us to dissect like a pithed frog.

‘We’re in a stronger place today as a nation with more tools to protect ourselves,’ she added about the vaccines that the Trump administration created.

To add extra precision to Husebø’s statement, those would be the mRNA injections called “vaccines” for which the Trump administration and IRS taxed us to fund giant pharma corporations to create, sans any enumerated power cited in the Constitution, and while granting those corporations immunity from liability suits, a process which saw Americans having to sue to get the safety and efficacy development data from Pfizer.

Totally not shady. All praise the federal government.

Continues Husebø:

Masks on federal transportation are still required, according to the Transportation Security Administration. But children masking at schools is no longer recommended, though the science of transmission has not changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

The CDC’s changed guidelines come as Biden will give his State of the Union speech on Tuesday. He is expected to once again declare that he has defeated the Chinese virus after doing so in the summer before the nation was hit with the Delta and Omicron variants.

And Husebo quotes west-coast-based lawyer Julie Hamill, who on Feb 25 tweeted screenshots of what she claims are memos from the Biden admin to the DNC as Biden’s thrilling State of the Union approaches:

Here is the literal memo to the Dems from Biden's polling firm. Declare a win over Covid and move on. I suspect CDC will get the memo. Will @GavinNewsom and @lapublichealth? We shall see. SOTU is Tuesday.

This is all very exciting!

It sure is great to be treated like a child, a serf, and a fool, all at the same time.

Perhaps those who have grown accustomed to their servitude will never wake up, but it’s worth reminding people that the entire paradigm under which this CDC operation has run – the viral research through the NIH, the CDC’s grand mission, the jab creation, the lockdowns – all of it is a towering insult to the U.S. Constitution and our fundamental rights.

That likely won’t be on the agenda for Mr. Biden. Heck, we don't even know if he's going to drop the very mask mandate that he has broken, himself.

What's most likely is that Biden will praise himself, as the media sycophants, Congress members, Senators, and many “justices” applaud.

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