CDC’s Tax-Subsidized 'Non-Profit' Wing Is Wasting Millions On Pro-Vax Rap, Dance, 'Art'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 15, 2022


Over the past two years, political COVID-maniacs have laid out a surreal smorgasbord of injuries and insults to “flatten the curve” of our vestigial rights and sensibilities. Worldwide, and in America, we can take our pick as to which has been the most injurious or offensive.

Has it been mask mandates? Bans on indoor dining? Government locking the doors and shutting off the power to privately owned gyms?

How about jab mandates on private businesses, on truckers crossing into the U.S., on people working in the medical field?

So many insults, in so little time, and all pushed forth from the womb of American ignorance of the U.S. Constitution and acquiescence to previous rights-smothering precedents.

Now, we learn this: Thanks to a family member sending me a tweet from user Oilfield Rando on March 12, I now know that the federally-created, “non-profit, charitable” mirror of the CDC, called the “CDC Foundation,” is showering cash on “artists” for some of those deeply annoying song and dance routines on which we’ve singed our eyes during this misnamed “pandemic.”

Oilfield published a series of screen-caps, showing official CDC Foundation webpages that inspired him to observe:

Remember all those cringe vaccine songs making their way around the internet? Well. There’s a chance you paid $75,000 apiece for them.

And, indeed, he’s right.



I did some digging, and discovered the CDC Foundation’s January 6 official release, proclaiming:

CDC Foundation Supports Arts and Cultural Organizations to Build Confidence in COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccines

The money will be doled out to up to 30 organizations to the tune of $75k apiece - which, for those doing the math, amounts to as much as $2.25 MILLION.

And beneath its propaganda-celebrating headline, the Foundation, a public-private partnership that receives millions in government grants every year, gushes that it will hand out big money in 18 states in order to “create work that inspires people to get vaccinated.”

How exciting. Hey, CDC Foundation, ya know what “inspires people” to take a “drug”? Real information that the drug is efficacious, not dangerous, and, on balance, produces a better outcome than allowing the body to fight a malady on its own. Things like, oh, knowledge of what is in it – that’s helpful.



In a free market, people can assess these things themselves, without threats from politician that they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t comply. People can choose whether they want to go into a shop that does or does not have jabbed employees and customers wearing spittle-soaked face-diapers.


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And people can SUE if the product hurts them.

And the market can respond to all of it in a way that reflects our individual preferences

But that’s not what the CDC Foundation wants to promote.

Instead, they add:

The arts and culture can be crucial tools in public health communication. Because local artists have long served as trusted messengers and translators of vital information in their communities, they can support vaccine education and acceptance in ways that cut through cultural barriers, skepticism and misinformation.

Since when were “local artists” considered “trusted messengers and translators of vital information?” And, even if they are, how can they have achieved that status? Was it through force, or through voluntary market choices of the consumers?

This whole scheme seems like a Kafkaesque reworking of something propagandist Josef Goebbels might have concocted during World War II.

And so we see that the CDC Foundation’s “trusted artists" "will engage their communities by staging plays, commissioning posters and murals, sewing quilts, creating new dances, writing songs and much more. With these projects, arts and public health organizations will deliver accurate messaging in new ways."

Yes, full-on propaganda.

Which saw, as the foundation explains on a separate webpage, a horde of “deserving” denizens selected to receive the moolah.

Those would be groups like Hip Hop Public Health in New York, the Somali Health Board in Washington State, and Spy Hop Productions in Utah.

Because nothing says, “Trust the (government-selected, debate-prohibitive) science” better than a rousing, informative, completely factual, government-subsidized propaganda creation from a Salt Lake City “youth center” like Spy Hop, a place that describes itself as:

…a nonprofit digital media arts center offering free classes in film, music, audio, and design for students ages 9-19.

Totally kosher for the foundation to hand ‘em your cash.

And if skeptics think the system we’re discussing is not government-subsidized, if they argue as if the CDC Foundation is hovering in the glorious clouds of “charity,” and is not rooted in the fecal dirt of crony-politics, one might direct said skeptics to page five of the foundation’s 2020 Annual Report to Congress. Indeed, since it was created by an unconstitutional act of Congress in 1995, the “foundation” has been flooded with federal cash, and 2020 saw, as the report admits, “$54.5 million in direct federal grants.”

And a quick glance at the foundation’s Board reveals a gaggle of former corporate high-priests tied to completely apolitical and disinterested bodies such as Kaiser Permanente (that being the immense west coast medical corporation that laid off thousands last year because they would not bow to the corporation’s jab-or-no-job mandate), the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (cited for being one of the big centers of unconstitutional viral research funded by the NIH and Anthony Fauci’s NIAID), Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS), The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (now headed by former CDC Director and former ABC medical commentator Richard Besser) and many more.

Comply, ye dogs, and get a treat to use your cash.

Resist, and get the stick – a lock on your ability to engage in transactions.

This is the bigger lesson, the darker harbinger, in the absurd tale of the CDC Foundation and its “art to promote jabs” handouts.

And the future is near.

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