Celebrating Death At Democratic Underground

kpicket | August 20, 2008
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Some left-wing bloggers and their commenters love to do the happy dance when prominent conservatives like Tony Snow or Jerry Falwell pass away or are suffering with deadly diseases, and sometimes they even wish death on their enemies. A case in point: One of them took the time to wish death on President Bush at a “Rest In Peace” Web post for the late Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio , who died of an aneurysm today. The liberal forum Democratic Underground let poster “Taverner,” who has more than 1,000 postings on the forum, write the following on the Tubbs Jones RIP thread:"If there was a god, [Vice President Richard] Cheney would have suffered a coma that lasted years. If there was a god, Bush would have died choking on that pretzel. If there was a god [Sen. Paul] Wellstone’s plane would have landed safely. If there was a god, neither [John F. nor Robert] Kennedy would have been killed by the Republican Party. If there was a god, U.S. Rep. Tubbs Jones would be walking around today, being the wonderful person and hero that speaks truth to power that we have always known. " An image of the actual post is on Eyeblast.tv. The difference between a liberal forum commenting on the passing of a prominent conservative and a conservative forum commenting on the passing of a prominent liberal is stark in both taste and morals. Compare a thread on Democratic Underground about the passing of Tony Snow (language warning) with a thread on the conservative forum Free Republic about the passing of Tubbs Jones. Moderators on liberal forums have to work overtime when famous conservatives die because they know how ugly the posts will get. Now apparently they're going to have to exercise as much control when anyone dies.