CensorTrack: Big Tech Attacks MRC TikTok 16 Times!

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 24, 2022
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The Chinese Communist Party-affiliated TikTok app has been on a censorship crusade against the Media Research Center. 

The first MRC TikTok video was Feb. 26, 2021. The account features original content, NewsBusters highlights and occasionally popular video trends. The page has over 67,000 followers and 789,400 likes, so far. Big Tech has censored the account 16 times since the account was created, and 13 of those instances were in the last two months. 

TikTok took down MRC’s video repost where a CNN reporter claimed that the Taliban “seem friendly” while “chanting death to America” when they overtook Afghanistan. TikTok also censored CensorTrack with TR episodes. How ironic.

TikTok removed a video from MRCTV Managing Editor Brittany Hughes, host of Reality Check, in which she covered the hypocrisy of requiring vaccine passports to enter buildings but not requiring an ID to vote. TikTok also removed an episode of MRCTV and MRC Culture Director Eric Scheiner’s Wacky Mole show. In the show, Scheiner harped on rising inflation rates in the U.S. 

MRC has appealed its TikTok violations, and three videos remain banned from the site for various “Community Guideline Violation[s].” TikTok has also placed 24-hour “blocked from posting” restrictions on the MRC account. 

TikTok is the most popular app in the world, according to CBS News. It is a vessel to reach wide audiences, especially younger generations who make up the majority of the TikTok demographic. Censoring MRC’s informative videos is not only an attack against our organization’s free speech, but it is also censoring the young, impressionable audiences on TikTok that wish to watch and discuss conservative content. 

Watch below for the twenty-sixth episode of CensorTrack with TR! We encourage you to post and share it across all social media. If you have been censored, contact us at www.CensorTrack.org, and use #FreeSpeech to point out more of Big Tech’s unacceptable bias. 

For more, check out NewsBusters.

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